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Peacock Wedding- THE FOOD!!

on December 11, 2012

Ahhh…the best part of any party.  The food.  This was actually the hardest part of the whole wedding for us.  She didn’t want to have a meal, since there would be about 100 people coming, but we didn’t want to do just cake and punch.  Also, since there was alcohol being served, we knew all the guys would want some yummy munchies later on.  Here is the menu we served:

Veggie trays- a classic, inexpensive favorite.  You just can’t go wrong with this.  We actually bought giant covered trays from Sams that we served them on.  I think we got 4 for $5.  Then we just went and bought the veggies that we liked and chopped them up a few days before, put them in baggies, then dumped them out onto the trays and added a small bowl of ranch in the middle.  Super duper easy.

We also made a tray with black olives, green olives, and small gherkin pickles.  We got all of that at Sams, too.

We also had a meat and cheese tray that we put together ourselves.  We got 1 lb blocks of cheese, the sausages, and then a variety pack of crackers from Sams.  We got some spicy and some mild sausage, and it was super inexpensive, I think $2 for a pack of 2.  For the cheese, I always get some white (like pepper jack or mozzarella), some yellow (cheddar, mild or sharp), and a mix (like Colby Jack).  That way everyone can find one that they like.   The crackers in the pack were Harvest Wheat, Sesame Rounds (which I LOVED!), and butter crisps.  We also got a large box of Ritz at Sams.  We had all of the meat and cheese cut up and bagged the day before, too.

We picked up a few boxes of eggrolls at Sams, too.  They were like $9 for 50 of them…totally worth it!  We set out a few bowls of just bottled sweet and sour sauce to go with them.  Here is the brand:

We also served bacon wrapped water chestnuts, which were a HUGE hit!  At first no one was trying them, and I was like, dude WTF.  They are delicious!  Then all the sudden they were gone lol!!  We wrapped these the night before and just refrigerated them.  Then threw them on baking sheets right before and set them out.  We ran out of them, and people kept asking for more.  Then the next day when we were cleaning and I found half of a container in the back of the fridge…oops!  I’ll share the recipe on these later on.

We just bought a few bags of Chex Mix (traditional flavor) and put them out in a big bowl.  It’s good for snacking on and everybody loves it.

The little cups you see are actually plastic shot glasses we picked up at Dollar Tree, packs of 50 for $1 (obvs) in green and blue, then we just squirted a little cocktail sauce in the bottom and added a shrimp.  We got 3 bags of the shrimp at Walmart for $5 a pound, in the 41-60 count.

Mom made a giant roaster with her yummy meatballs.  She takes these to parties and they are always gone!!  The best part is that she doesn’t really even have to do anything lol.  She bought packages of  the Great Value brand premade, frozen meatballs at Walmart and just dumped them in with some Head Country brand BBQ sauce.  We use Head Country at our house, not only because it’s delicious, but also because my hubby’s cousin on his mom’s side is the founder :-).  We are very proud of them!!  Anyway, we just served that in the roaster.

My mom was also in charge of making the tortilla roll ups.  She made three different varieties, and they were ALL GONE by the end of the night!!  I will get the recipes for those and post them, too!

We were planning on making some shaped and decorated peacock sugar cookies to use as favor, but alas, I did not practice like I had planned to, and just plain ran out of time (not to mention the patience!) to do so.  So instead, I whipped out these cookies using THIS recipe.  I don’t think I will ever use another recipe now!

The counter was clean, I swear!

The cookies were perfectly soft, moist, and they did not spread or brown, like some recipe do.  We iced them with leftover icing from the cupcakes, in coconut, raspberry, and peanut butter.  The coconut was my absolutely favorite.  Yum.  I didn’t get to taste them, but I knew they would be good, so I went out early with a tupperware and put a few back.  Boy am I glad I did!!  They were gone in a hot second!!  I will share the icing recipes on my cupcake post.  Also, we had problems trying to find a peacock shaped cookie cutter, so we planned on using a flower shaped cutter like this:

and we were going to cut the bottom two petals off and decorate it that way.  Oh well!  Maybe next time ;-).

Ok, so I think that’s enough here. I will do a post on just the cake, cupcakes, candy bar, etc soon.  If you have any questions, just comment and let me know!


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