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Peacock Wedding –THE DECORATIONS PART 1!

on November 7, 2012

Ok, so where to start??!

This wedding was SO.MUCH.FUN!

I’ll just jump right in and explain what we did/why we did it/etc.  Oh, and I am saying ‘we’ meaning my sister and I.  We are super close, not to mention we have VERY similar tastes, so we did everything together.

My sister and her (now) husband had been dating for TEN YEARS!  They were technically engaged, but they had just never set a date.  So, at the very end of July, they decided that this was the year they wanted to seal the deal, and go ahead and set that date. October 20th it is!!  For those that think that seems a little fast, well, that’s what works for us, we work well under pressure and we get bored easily ;-).

With about 3 months before the wedding, the first thing we did was get her invitations ordered.  We used this one: (click on the picture to go to their website)


We went with the tea length style.  The price was great, they arrived super fast, and the quality was AWESOME!  They were nice and thick, and the paper had texture.  They looked really expensive, but weren’t bad at all!  We printed out everyone’s address on labels (that we got at Walmart for about $4) with a nice font, and sent those on their way.

The next thing for us to do was to find the space we would be using.  We live in a VERY small town, so there are about 3 options for ‘events’.  Normally, when people get married here, they have the wedding in the church, then head down to the basement and have the reception.  Well, my sister decided that she would like to keep the ceremony to just immediate family only, and have a big blow out bash for her reception.  Oh, and our immediate family is about 25 people :-).

The ceremony was held in a very small, very dark little chapel.  We also were not able to go in and decorate until 8 a.m. the morning of the ceremony, which was to be held at 11 a.m.  To keep things simple, but still pretty for the photos, we actually just moved some of the centerpieces and things from the reception down to the chapel, then I took them back up to the reception site after the ceremony was finished.  That saved quite a chunk of change.  Here are some photos of the chapel before the ceremony.

Our nephew, Kolton, was the ring bearer…he has just started walking in the past two months…and he pretty much ran down the aisle laughing hysterically.  But hey, we were happy as long as he didn’t cry lol.  We were actually given his little outfit, we just went to Sears and bought a little clip on tie for about $10.  But, if you are needing the full outfit, Sears had them for only $20ish (on sale).  I bought him some little black sneakers from Target for $15.

Then came our niece, Ainsley.  We actually made this tutu dress!  The bride sewed four headbands (like the one she has on her head) together, stacked on top of each other.  If Ains had been any bigger, we would have cut them, and sewn two together, using 8 total.  But anyway, they were only 98 cents each.  Then we used 4 yards of 6 different colored tulle/mesh netting from Hobby Lobby.  it was about $1 a yard, just wait for it to go on sale.  We used a dark purple, light purple, dark blue, light blue, dark green, and a teal color.   A feather (from Hobby Lobby $2) and a big purple flower (from Hobby Lobby $3ish) at her waist and the dress was done! I will go into more detail on this later….

We added purple tights from Walmart ($2), silver sparkly shoes from Walmart ($8), clip on earrings from Cato’s ($4),  and a feather clip from Hobby Lobby ($5) to one of the headbands.

We added some peacock feathers to a flower basket from Hobby Lobby ($15), and she dropped those like flower petals.

She would get a handful out and shake it so that ONE feather would drop at a time. It was hilarious.

she was ‘practicing’ before the ceremony

The beautiful bride….

She picked out her dress at David’s Bridal.  It was actually the 4th dress she tried on, and it was PERFECT! I highly recommend going to David’s Bridal if you have one.  You are supposed to make an appointment (which we didn’t know..ooops), but they were able to get us in right away anyway since we went on a weekday.  Then she told her what she wanted, and the lady went to pull some dresses, and she told us to go through the catalog and mark what she liked.  Well, when she brought them back, every one that she had pulled were ones we had bookmarked!!  AMAZING!

We got a white birdcage veil off of Ebay for only $11, she ordered the peacock fascinator off of Etsy, and we arranged the flowers, which we got from Hobby Lobby.

Here is the happy couple exiting the church.  We actually got a tub of sprinkles from walmart ($4), each took a handful, and then we tossed them on them as they walked out.  It was a lot of fun!!

This is a picture of my sisters and I with Mom and Dad.  (I’m on the far right)

And here is one with Kolton and Ainsley, they belong to the tall blonde on the left, and are the only babies (so far, we have a nephew on the way!).

Kolton was completely fascinated by the flowers, he kept trying to grab them. And let’s just say Ainsley had had enough of the picture taking lol!!

And then it was time to pack up the decorations and take them back to the reception site!!

Phew!!  Ok, that’s all I have for the ceremony.  Next up, I’ll go over the decorations for the reception!!  If you have any questions or want to know where we got anything, let me know.


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