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Miracle Bathroom Cleaner!~!

on September 21, 2012

I just wanted to share a fantastic tip I got from Pinterest the other day.  I was looking for something that would clean my grimy shower (more on that soon!) and came across a great way to clean your faucets.  If you are like me, I had this weird, yellow-y hard stuff around the base of my bathroom faucet that I could.not.get.off.  No matter how much I scrubbed and no matter what I put on it, that crap wasn’t moving!

Enter THIS pin.  (and no, I am not taking pictures of my yucky sink…use your imagination…it was yucky lol!)

source : http://www.joyfulhomemaking.com/2012/03/get-rid-of-mineral-deposits-around.html

It sounded so easy, how could I NOT try it?!  You basically take a paper towel, soak it in vinegar, and wrap it around the faucet.  Let it sit for a few hours, then wipe it away!  I used a little toothbrush for the hard to reach places, but it took very little, if any scrubbing!  I. am. amazed.  And I will be using that trick from now on!

source:  http://www.joyfulhomemaking.com/2012/03/get-rid-of-mineral-deposits-around.html



What a great, inexpensive, and green way to clean!

Please visit the Joyful Homemaking blog for more fun ideas, tips, and recipe!


One response to “Miracle Bathroom Cleaner!~!

  1. This is BEYOND cool and THANK YOU for sharing!!!

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