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Canned Zucchini Salsa

on August 22, 2012

Back again with a recipe for that zucchini that I just can’t seem to get used up!!  I have three recipes I will be sharing that I did this past weekend that I was just positive would deplete my zucchini stockpile…but NOPE!! Yes, it used some, but I literally have an entire box left…(shakes head)…so I think I am going to make another few batches of them and try to sell them.

Starting with this zucchini salsa.  When I read that ingredients, I admit I was a bit worried.  Who puts nutmeg in salsa??  But I was ready to try anything.  And actually?  It’s fabulous!  It’s surprisingly spicy, even though it doesn’t have any jalapenos in it.  I was totally going to throw a few of them in there anyway, but thank goodness I didn’t or I’m not sure we would be able to eat it!!  It made a pretty thick salsa, which is good, but I think next time I won’t cook it as long, my favorite salsa is runny.

Recipe here.

I will try to post more frequently, I just….haven’t.  My sister is getting married in October, so we have been working on that, I have been doing crafts and listing stuff in my Etsy shop, some fun building projects in the house that I’ll tell you about….and lazing.  🙂  My oh my how I love to laze about.

P.S.- My niece started preschool today (sniff).  How is this happening?!  She is our little baby (and yes, her 5 aunties claim her as their own), the first grandbaby, and she is in SCHOOL?!  It makes me a little teary-eyed…but I’m so excited for her to learn.  She is such a smart little three year old, I think she will blow them all out of the water.  And yes, I am totally biased, but she IS super smart.  Which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that three of her aunties were ‘gifted’ :-).  Anyway, I just had to share!!


5 responses to “Canned Zucchini Salsa

  1. Can you give me an idea who spicey this is? Two tablespoons of red pepper flakes seems like a LOT…on a scale of 1 to 10 how spicey is this?

    • jackatessa says:

      Hi Coleen!
      It is pretty spicy!! I would say probably an 8. I would say if you don’t care for hot salsa, just decrease the amount you use…and it definitely got stronger the longer it cooked, so keep that in mind.

  2. kel107 says:

    I’m gifted 🙂

  3. […] did find a few ways to use it- making crushed pineapple out of it, zucchini salsa, sweet and spicy zucchini relish, Old Bay zucchini pickles, and even a zucchini jam – but this is […]

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