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Fruity Wedding Punch

on May 26, 2012

We made this for my cousin’s wedding reception this past weekend (that I catered).  It was sooo good!!  The ingredients are easy to find and pretty cheap, and the end result is an impressive punch that will have everyone asking for the recipe!  I will share some of my other recipes for feeding a crowd soon.



Fruity Wedding Punch

1 container powdered lemonade mix, already sweetened like Country Time

2 2 liters of 7UP or Sprite

1 gallon pineapple juice (we also used a pineapple, mango, apple that was yummy)

Oranges, sliced

Lemons, sliced

Fresh Pineapple, cleaned and cubed

1 jar maraschino cherries


Make sure everything is chilled**   


Combine lemonade mix with half of the water suggested on the container.  Add the rest of the ingredients right before serving so that the pop will stay bubbly.

Makes enough punch for 50 people.



We had some leftover, so we brought it home and added a couple of bottles of wine– it was almost like sangria! 




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