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Banana Butter Pecan Cake

on April 1, 2012

I was feeling like something sweet tonight, so I baked up a yummy cake!  It is basically a dressed up cake mix, which is always good in my book!  I think I will remember this and take it to our next family dinner– it’s delicious cold, but even yummier warm!


Banana Butter Pecan Cake

1 Butter pecan cake mix- I used Betty Crocker

Oil, water, and eggs as directed on the box

2 bananas

1 can chocolate frosting, I used Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate

Walnuts, chopped

In a mixing bowl, combine cake mix, oil, eggs, and water as directed on the box.  As they are mixing for the three minutes, peel your bananas and toss them in.  Bake as directed.  After it comes out of the oven, let it cool completely, then frost with the chocolate icing. Sprinkle with walnuts.  Enjoy!


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