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A Canning Addiction

on March 27, 2012

So I have to admit, I have a problem.  I may or may not be an addict- to pinning canning recipes on Pinterest.  I can’t help it.  It has just completely taken over my boards!  There are just too many people out there with awesome ideas and recipes… so in the future you might be seeing some of these pop up around here.  And if it’s a weird recipe?  You can GUARANTEE it’s going to be on my board lol. 

 Chocolate raspberry jam!?  Helllloooo- who wouldn’t want this as a gift?  I’m thinking Mother’s Day…or ya know, because it’s Tuesday. 


 Honey Mustard– that you can.  I’m pretty excited to try this one, I just need to order some mustard powder.


 Canning beans without having to soak them first.  The cost to these is less than 1/2 cent per oz- or about 4 cents per jar (without figuring the cost of the jar)!  That’s amazing!!  I will have to wait on this until I either get my gauge fixed on my pressure canner or until I buy a new one (which I’d like to do anyway….

 Asian Turkey Meatballs.  I know some people may think canning meats is gross (I’ll admit, I totally did!), but apparently they are delicious.  And I’m all about just opening a can and calling it dinner.



 Canning carmelized onions.   This would be a good thing to have on hand, I’m thinking adding to grilled cheese or just a regular sandwich.  Or if I don’t have time to cook some down for steaks or something.  Or just to add to pasta dishes.  Just…what a good idea. AND you cook them in the crock pot first.  Brilliant.

 Stout beer jelly.  It sounds weird enough to work.  This and some mustard would make a good gift basket.


 Thai Sweet and Hot Garlic Dipping Sauce.  My sister and I go through this stuff like crazy, so it would be great to have a way to can it that would be cheaper.  We are trying this soon.

 Honeysuckle Jelly.  I’m definitely going to try this since I have a honeysuckle bush in my backyard. 


Ok, well I’ll call that good for today, but has anyone else caught the canning fever??  Do you have any good recipes that you can share?


One response to “A Canning Addiction

  1. Industrious lady!!! I enjoy canning, but usually in the fall. You have some great ideas.

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