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Pop (or Soda) Jelly

on March 18, 2012


I made this jelly and have put it in Christmas baskets for the past two years.  Everyone really likes it and finds their favorite ‘flavor’.  I have made Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Coke, Mountain Dew (that makes an awesome color!), and I even did a Cranberry Sierra Mist when it was available.  My sister had me do a basket for her boyfriend’s mom, and I put one of the Cranberry Sierra Mist in there– she absolutely loved it!!  That flavor is a nice berry type and it is a very pretty jelly, too.So my sister asked me to make her a batch that she could take back and let her stock up since she lives a couple hours away.   This jelly whips up super easy- hello, just pop the top and pour!  Experiment and see what flavor is your favorite.

Click for Recipe from The American Homemaker.


2 responses to “Pop (or Soda) Jelly

  1. Fascinating!!! I can see lots of potential….grape soda?

  2. […] day.   I had all the ingredients and was getting out all of my canning stuff anyway to do the Cranberry Sierra Mist Jelly, so I thought I’d give it a go.  Turns out, it is tart and super […]

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