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Favorite Things…

on March 14, 2012


I thought I’d share some of the things I’m enjoying right now and maybe you could comment and leave some of yours :-).

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 Mudcats on the History Channel.  The hubs and I love this show and have been watching religiously every week.  It’s a big thing in our area, since one of the main people on the show, Marion Kincaid, actually lives about 5 miles from us and they do most of the show in places very near and familiar to us, which is way cool.  Marion is kind of a local celebrity ;-).

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 Cinnamon Swirl from Folgers.  This stuff is friggin’ delicious.  My mom had it on Christmas Eve when the whole family was over, and I fell in love!  It is especially good with a dash of vanilla and a splash of half and half.  Pure bliss.  And I don’t even care that it is about $5 a can, it’s that good.

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 Pioneer Woman’s second cookbook comes out today.  Yes, I did in fact preorder it on Amazon, so I am super excited to get it in!!  Ree is fabulous and I think sometimes she gets a lot of haters, but I don’t care– she is one of the smartest business women I’ve ever seen!  I don’t care if everything she writes is total b.s.– it still sells and that’s brilliant.  Also- I just had to say that hubby’s grandad knowns the Drummonds and totally got me a signed copy of her first cookbook.  I cried.  Here’s hoping to a signed copy of the second! lol 

 And last but not least….


 I just recently signed up to be a Paparazzi consultant!  I’m super duper excited and have sold so much fun stuff!!  The awesome thing about Paparazzi?  Everything is $5!!  Yes, $5!  Cute stuff, too, here are some examples…. 

 Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, headbands, clips, and more!  The selection is incredible and it is always changing!  There are no catalogs and no waiting for your order from a party to come in.  I order it at wholesale cost, take my inventory to houses/shows, and people take the jewelry home THAT DAY!  I am just in love with this.  I have been doing it about 3 weeks and have just sold a ton and had to reorder every time I got a box in because we sold so much. So, if you’d like to, I have got a facebook page that you can ‘Like’.  Then, every time we get new inventory we will post it and you can have a chance to buy it!  And believe me, you’ll WANT to buy it!!  All you have to do is comment on the photo that you want it, I’ll pull it and mail it to you.  Shipping is just $1 an item, up to $10, and then it is a flat rate box and we will stuff it as full as we can.  To pay, we take cash, money order, or checks right now, and you can also pay with paypal (the link is on our page).  So please Like our page and join in the fun! Well, that’s all I’ve got today– what are some of your favorite things right now??


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