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Cheap and Easy Handscrub

on March 2, 2012

Hey all!  Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past week…apparently I can kill computers at every turn lol!!  Now that I am (sort of) back up and running, I just thought I’d share a super quick and easy hand scrub that I like to use that all of you probably have in your houses, too.  And the best thing?  It’s totally free if you do have it!!  And really, who couldn’t use a hand scrub?  If any of you have hands that are half as bad as me, and feel like you may as well be buying stock in that dang Gold Bond super lotion that is supposed to be so wonderful, you’ll be happy with this.  Want to know what it is? 

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Yep!  Coffee!  Actually, coffee grounds to be exact.  Used ones.  There is no recipe at all, it’s just take your old, used coffee grounds, and scrub the hell out of your hands.  I do mine while the new pot is brewing, while I’m waiting for it to get the first cup done lol.  Then I just rinse the filter out and throw it away!!  That way you don’t have a coffee grounds mess in there, either.  Because if you are lucky enough to have dogs like mine, they will definitely grab the filter full of grounds and take off through the house chasing each other, spilling it the entire way.  Yeah, they suck lol.
You can also put it in a tupperware or something and take it into the shower and scrub your whole body.  I like to do my feet and my elbows, for sure.  I feel like sometimes my elbows could cut glass.  They are seriously that bad lol.  But one scrubbing with coffee and they are nice and smooth!!  The only downside is that it gets EVERYWHERE in your shower, so hopefully you have a removeable shower head to clean it up.  Or a bucket, because that’s what I had to use lol.
Anyway, then I usually follow up with some nice smelling lotion and call it good!!  I actually have a recipe for a more involved (but not hard, like, at all) scrub that I will try to post sometime.  I actually bottle that up and sell it at the farmer’s market it’s so good.

One response to “Cheap and Easy Handscrub

  1. Judy Croslin says:

    I still have that “Cup ‘o Joe” handscrub I got from you at your booth. I use it anytime I have to peel and slice onions of garlic. It’s lovely! Just a few days ago, I found something I thought was interesting. I was making blueberry muffins which came with a can of real blueberries. No matter how hard I tried to avoid it, I still had that blue stain on my fingers from them!! I tried the coffee scrub but it didn’t do much for that. So I took a lemon, cut it in half and stuck my fingers in it one at a time. All be darned if that didn’t take every bit of it off!!

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