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White Wine Jelly

on January 3, 2012

So if you are like me and got a lot of booze for Christmas…yay for us!!  Also, does that mean people think we are drunkards or just that we looked like we needed a drink?  This is my first year getting alcohol (although I was TOTALLY legal last year lol!), but I didn’t mind it one bit.  But I didn’t get the wine I got for Christmas for this wine jelly.  I bought it.  And then I had to have the hubby buy another bottle because my friend (hi Judy!) and I drank the first one instead of cooking with it.  Ooops.

But anyway, this recipe makes a very pretty, clear jelly that would be really good over cream cheese, served with crackers at a party.  They also said it would be good on toast….I prefer not to get drunk at breakfast, so that’s up to you ;-).  Just kidding.  I’m pretty sure a lot of the alcohol cooks out, and you are left with a sweet jelly with a wine back flavor.

Personally I would use a wine that you would want to drink, and I prefer sweet wines, but the comments on the recipe here say that you add enough sugar it won’t really matter if you use a ‘bitey’ wine ( I know that’s not the correct word, but that’s what I call wine that has a lot of tannin, is bitter, and in my opinion just kind of yucky.)  But when you can get good wine for $4- $8, why get yucky wine?? lol  I used white, but you could use a nice red, too, or any other kind!  I used this wine:

and this recipe.

I’ll let you visit that site to get the step by step**.

And I got these pretty jars of jelly!  I got 6 half pint jars full and had some leftover that I kept in my fridge.

I think these would make a really nice gift for someone!  It’s something different, but not crazy, and it’s delicious!   Thanks for reading!!

**You won’t see me post someone else’s recipe very often.  They have taken the time to take the pictures and write it out for us to use, so I think it’s only fair that we take the time to visit their site.  Thanks!!


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