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Crafty Stuff….

on December 30, 2011

So I know that I have had a few more recipes rather than crafts lately.  Part of that is that I haven’t had a show in almost a month, and the other part is that I have been working on something pretty special!  Remember when I told you that I had gotten a kiln?  Well, I’ve been using it to slump bottles!!

Basically bottle slumping is melting bottles (usually liquor or beer) until they are flat.  They can be used as cutting boards or cheese trays or spoon holders or a ton of other things!  They look like this:

Pretty cool huh?  This is a beer bottle that I slumped, then added a little Pampered Chef spoon to serve with.  It would make a great gift or a great addition to any bar–need something to cut lemons on for your tequila?  Use a slumped bottle! lol

They come in big sizes, too:

They can also be little bowls!  They will hold olives, or dip, or even crackers!  Cool, huh?!

You can use them as cutting boards, cheese trays, spoon rests, or even just as a regular plate!  I am pretty excited about them!  It took a lot of trial and error with my kiln, but I am starting to crank them out now.  I am actually going to be putting thme in some stores in my area, if things work out.  I will also have them listed in my etsy shop, so check it out if you have time!


2 responses to “Crafty Stuff….

  1. I just LOVE your crafty posts, the bottles are SO cool.

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