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Glass Block Snowman

on December 9, 2011

    Cute, isn’t he?

I also stuffed him with some gift shreds and lights so that he looked like this:

   I took him to my craft shows and everyone LOVED him!!  He was super easy to make, hellooooo adorable, and he is HUGE, so he would make a nice statement piece in your holiday decor!   Or if you have a snowman lover for a friend, he would make a nice, inexpensive gift.  The best part?  You don’t have to be a fabulous artist/painter to do it.  It’s easy.  Here’s how:


But two glass boxes, you can get them at Hobby Lobby or any other craft store.  The small one was $10 and the larger was $12.  But if you time it right, grab them when they are half off- so $11 for both.  If they aren’t on sale the week you go to get them, just print off a 40% coupon from www.hobbylobby.com and use that!  What is a glass box you ask?  Well, I couldn’t find a picture that I had taken before I made them, and this is the only one I could find online:

  Just imagine it without the purple lights lol.  Or image the snowman above without a face. 

Anyway, so take your two sizes of lightboxes, and paint the small one with a snowman face.  I used the bottom of a nail polish bottle for his eyes, and the other end (the end of the brush) to do his mouth.  I also used that size for his three buttons on the bottom (larger) box.  Then I just used the end of a small paintbrush (the end without the brush 😉 ) and painted a long triangle for his nose.  Let those completely dry.

I found it easier to stuff the pieces when they were separate, so take a small strand of lights- I used a 35 count on his head and a bag of shreds that are clear (got those at the $ Tree) and alternate stuff a few lights, then a bit of shred, until you have filled his head up!  Then do the same with the bottom.  I used a 50 count light set for that.  When you are ready to put the cap on, you can either just squish it in there with the cord going towards the side, or you could cut a — across it, without cutting through the sides.  That way you can push the outlet piece through it and string the cord.  Does that make sense?  If not, leave a comment lol! 

Then just take some glass glue and apply it to the bottom of the small block, center it on top of the large block and put a book or something heavy on it.  Let it sit overnight.  When that’s dry, just take a piece of scrap fabric (I used a cool mesh fabric) and tie a cute little scarf.  Plug him in and you are done!!



2 glass boxes- 1 small(5.5 x 5.5) and 1 large (7.5×7.5)

Black and orange paint

Clear, shiny shreds (like to fill a gift basket)

1 35 count and 1 50 count set of lights

Piece of scrap fabric

Glass glue


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