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Shot Glass Snowman

on December 3, 2011

(I am at a Christmas craft show today, hoping people will buy all of my stuff, so say a quick prayer for me if you think about it 😉  Wish me luck!  )

Hello!  Back with another day of Christmas Crafts!  Today I’m going to show you how I made this cute little guy:


A show glass snowman!!  Here are some of the supplies to make your own.

Two show glasses (or small candleholders), some sparkly basket filler (got mine at $ Tree), some glass glue, and then pretend there is some orange and black paint and a scrap of fabric for his scarf.

Start by take the shreds and stuffing it your snowman full of it.  It’s going to be kind of messy and, as you can see in my photo, it will kind of shrink down.  Just wad it in a ball and push it in.  And use a little bit more than you think you will need– it will settle again.

When you have the right amount of fill, take it all out and apply some glass glue along the rim of your glasses.

Carefully smoosh all of your shred back into the glasses, trying not to get glue ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE!  lol Make sure the glasses are lined up and then I taped them so that they would stay in the right place, but that’s totally optional.  Let dry completely (usually overnight).  Draw a snowman face on him- I used the back of a paintbrush for his mouth and the end of a glue gun stick for his eyes.  Let dry completely.  If his shreds have fallen a bit, just give him a good shake and it should fluff them out again.  Add a little scrap of fabric as a scarf and you are done!

CUTE!  I think you could easily do a few of them and set them all over everywhere!  The best part?  He is kind of sparkly since his shred is shiny.  LOVE IT!


2 responses to “Shot Glass Snowman

  1. What a cute idea, I hope you keep the crafts coming…love them.

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