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Snowman Candleholders

on December 2, 2011

Cute, aren’t they?  I whipped these babies up for a craft show a month or so ago and thought I’d share.  They were super simple and pretty cheap to make!!  I figured it’s time to get these Christmas Crafts rollin’ out before it’s too late…I mean, Christmas is only 23 days away!!  Yikes!  Here’s how I made them:

Snowman Candleholders

$ Tree candleholders- I got the ones with a ruffled top, but any of them would work

‘Frosted’ paint (it will be with the spray paint)

Black and orange paint

Ribbon or raffia, optional

Take your candle holders and spray paint them with your frosted paint.  Let dry completely.  Draw a snowman face and don’t forget the carrot nose!  I can’t draw a perfect circle to save my life, so I actually used the end of a glue stick for his mouth and the top of a nail polish bottle for his eyes, then used the wrong end of a little paint brush to ‘draw’ his nose and filled in with the brush.  Let him dry and add a candle or one of those battery operated tea lights (you can get them at the $ Tree, too!)  You could also tie ribbon or raffia around the top to add a little extra color, but I couldn’t find any in my stash that I thought went with it.  Now just stick them around the house and enjoy your cute little Snowman face!


2 responses to “Snowman Candleholders

  1. Oh my goodness, those are SO, SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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