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Celebrating Homes!

on December 1, 2011

I just wanted to let everyone know about an awesome party I am having!  My sister just recently became a Celebrating Homes consultant, as in, I am her first party (yay me!) and I just wanted to share it with you guys!  Plus hopefully get a bazillion orders so I can get free stuff, right?!  I could probably even do a giveaway with something I get ;-).  So anyway, I’ve put the evite below, you can just click on my name and it will take you to the site that you can place your order from.  BUT be sure to check out the Special Sales- on the left hand side, then click on the Last Chance button!  There are A TON of items that are 50% off or more!!  They are  first come first serve, we are out when we run out items, so be sure to place your order quick!  It will ship directly to your door, in about a week or so, and they. are. AWESOME!

I totally ordered this already:

Double Serving Bowl Metal Stand

and this:

Cathedral Lantern, Large

What?!  I had to make sure I got them before they sold out!  I mean hellloooo- that lantern is only $17.  And it’s HUGE.  So go!  Go shop and hurry before all the good stuff is gone!! And if you are interested in hosting your own Celebrating Homes party, email me and I will get you in touch with a consultant.  Cuz I know a good one ;-).



Teresa Jackson is hosting a Celebrating Home Online Party and would love for you to participate!

I am her Celebrating Home Designer. I’ll be happy to help you select beautiful items for your home and delicious gourmet food items perfectly suited to your tastes and lifestyle, or you can order directly by browsing our online catalog from the link below:

We also have a flappable catalog that simulates looking through our printed catalog. It is located under the “Shop” menu after using the link above. It is called a Virtual Catalog.

Thanks so much, and we’re looking forward to sharing our great products with you! Feel free to forward to a friend!

Rachel Loftin
Celebrating Home Designer


Teresa Jackson

Online Shopping:

Order By:
Tuesday, December 06, 2011 11:59 PM


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