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Christmas Ornament Magnets

on November 30, 2011

Hey all!

So I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to decorate my house for the holidays.  Everything is sparkly and red and cinnamon-y lol!  It’s my favorite season for sure!  One of the things I did this year was to make some decorations for my fridge!  Yep!  It was super cheap, too.  Here’s how I did it.

Take some ornaments.  Any ornaments.  I got mine at the $ Tree. 

 Take some magnets, you can get them at Walmart or Hobby Lobby.  They come in packages of 18 for like $2 I think.  I like to get the giant 50 pack for $6 though, I like to magnetize things ;-).  

Most of them actually come with adhesive on the back, so if they do, all you have to do is turn your ornament over, take the backing off your magnet and stick it to the back. 

If it doesn’t have the adhesive, take a glue gun and attach it to the back.  Let it dry and you are set! 


Beautimus!  Now just take them and decorate your fridge, or in this case, a cute little magnet board.  They would make super cute little stocking stuffers, or even use them as a gift tag on gifts. 

Here they are all done!


I have to say, even though I love the sparkly Santa and the poinsettas, the plain ball ones are my favorite!  To get them to go on flat, I just pushed the magnet in until it collapsed it a bit (they were plastic) but it would be cute even if it wasn’t.

So go, make these, and share with friends.  🙂


One response to “Christmas Ornament Magnets

  1. What a GREAT idea!! I just decorated the house today and I have lots of little “extra” ornaments that would work excellently for this project, thanks for sharing.

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