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on November 10, 2011

Soooo this week started out just fine.  I had had a pretty good but busy weekend and was looking forward to the booth I had this coming weekend.  Well, Tuesday morning I walked into worked and splashed. Yes, splashed.  You see, we had had a pretty hard rain all day Monday and it was still coming down when I got there, and apparently the little drain ditch next to the office couldn’t handle it.  So it backed up in the little alley way all the way to the front of the builing, all the while seeping in at the foundation…and into our office.  O. M. G.  It was EVERYWHERE!  So we spent all day moving filing cabinets (OMMMGGGG) and every other piece of furniture to one side of the office, while running Rug Doctors and carpet shampooers trying to get all the excess water up.  Oh, and we also got hit by lightning and it fried our phone lines, including the internet line, so I haven’t been able to get any work done since our system is through the internet. We also had a few earthquakes/aftershocks this past week that has had everyone calling us.  GREAT!  We went and got three HUGE fans that are made for this kind of thing, and also a dehumidifier and set them going.  Let’s just say that it sounded like a couple of airplanes were trying to take off in this building.  It was LOUD.  Then Wednesday all day they were on, too.  Talk about a headache.  

  Oh, and I started a new, second job, cleaning for a local lady who, to be perfectly honest, can be a bit TRYING at times lol.  Add to that that I couldn’t access any files at work, I had a board meeting I had to go to, a big fundraising event this coming weekend and 10 sets of coasters and 9 lightbox orders that needed done pronto….and o.m.g. my head hurts (again!) just thinking about it.  All this to say that I apologize for not posting yet this week, and I probably will not be posting until Sunday after my fundraiser.  My bad.  Hopefully you understand and will be back here on Monday.  

Hoping your week is better than mine!  Toodles!



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