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2×4 Turkey

on November 1, 2011

Hey everyone!  I hope you had a really good, safe Halloween last night!  I just love passing out candy and seeing all of the trick or treaters and who is dressed as what.  My cute little niece and nephew helped me pass out candy before they went trick or treating.  Well, my niece did, my 6 week old nephew just kept us company! 😉 

Ok, so now Halloween is officially OVER and it’s time to focus more on the next holiday…Thanksgiving :-).  When I think Thanksgiving, I think family…and pumpkin pie lol.  It’s actually one of my favorite holidays because it isn’t about the gifts or the candy, it really is all FAMILY (and food!) and it’s wonderful.  I am going to try to decorate my house more for this holiday, usually I decorate a lot at Halloween and then just take down most of the decorations, but leave up anything with pumpkins that can tide me over until it’s time to decorate for Christmas.  Well not this year!  So to start the season off, here is a tut on a 2×4 turkey.  Please excuse my absolutely awful pictures, that’s also why there are just a few, they were on my phone. 

Basically, take a scrap piece of 2×4, or if you don’t have random pieces of wood lying around, this piece is about 4″x4″ (or 3.5″, did you know 2×4’s aren’t actually 4″ wide, more like 3.5″?  ripofffffff).  Anyway, take your wood.  paint it brown and let it dry.  Take a paint stick and cut it so that the little shaped end sticks up a bit over the top of your wood when you hold it against it.  Paint it brown and let it dry, too.  Now, take some popsicle sticks…any size is fine, and paint them different colors.  I used a lime green, turquoise, red, and orange (I know the colors look different in the pics, but I swear that’s what they are lol).  Be sure to paint both sides and the ends of all the sticks.  When they are dry, you will need to cut them in half, so that you have two ends.  Arrange them around the top and sides of the turkey and use a hot glue gun and stick them on.  I found it easier to put them on with a pretty big gap between them, then come back and fill in with a second row, so that it was all even. 

Then just hot glue your paint stick onto the front, use a marker to add eyes and a little bit of orange paint for a beak and red for his waddle.  Let everything dry and he is done!!!

I actually made a set of three and I think they will look super cute displayed together!  Yay Thanksgiving!!  Have a happy November 1st!


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