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Zebra Circle Magnet Boards

on October 26, 2011

So this is a cute updated version of my magnet board!  I used cookie sheets and liked them alot, but while I was at Dollar Tree I saw another thing that I thought would work….burner covers (like you put on your stove!)  I went and found a magnet, just to make sure it would work, and it did.  The best part?  You got TWO burner covers for $1….so they were even cheaper that using cookie sheets!

I was also pretty excited since I had wanted to try a zebra print magnet board (of course 😉  ) but didn’t want to have to buy fabric for it.  The cookie sheets would work, but they are bigger than a piece of scrapbook paper and I didn’t want the lines…the burner covers fit on one piece though.

So I grabbed a two pack and off I went!  I already had the scrapbook paper at home and some ribbon.  I was in business now!


First I took my burner cover and flipped it over to face down, it doesn’t matter what the print is on the front since you will be covering it up anyway (unless it shows through your paper, in which case I would spray paint it white first).  Flip your scrapbook paper over so that the white, or back side is facing up.  Trace your circle, angling your pencil in to get as close as you can to the cover.

Cutting just inside your line, cut your circle out.  Put it on your cover to see how it fits and trim if needed.  Since the sides of my covers were white and a band around the top, I didn’t worry too much about it being 100% straight, but it just depends on your paper.  If my cover hadn’t been white, I would have painted it white or black to match.  Just use your judgement on that.

Once your paper is cut to how you want it,  take a foam brush and spread a generous layer of modge podge all over the top.  Place your circle in the middle and start smoothing it over the modge podge, making sure to get all of the air bubbles and everything out.  Let dry for an hour or so.

After it has dried, go over it with a layer of modge podge, making sure to seal all of the edges well.  Let dry.

Cut a piece of ribbon about 12″ long (for the handle).  Flip your cover over and add a little line of hot glue and press your ribbon down over it.  Repeat right next to it so that you should have a little ‘handle’ to hang your board up.

Make a bow out of a piece of ribbon, I used pink for a little contrast, and hot glue it a little off center (or in the center, or wherever you’d like!).  You’re done!!

I think these would make super cute Christmas gifts for a teenager (or even adults!).  You can change the paper out and really make it fit any season!  I plan on doing some in my school colors and maybe try to make a ‘basketball’ out of one.  Cute, cheap, and totally easy!

I’ll show you how to make those cute glitter magnets soon!!


3 responses to “Zebra Circle Magnet Boards

  1. I like the burner covers even better than the cookie sheets because they aren’t instantly recognizable……..love the zebra print for teens.

    • jackatessa says:

      Thanks Coleen! I agree…the ends of those cookie sheets really aren’t the most inconspicuous things, I’ve considered cutting them off with my tin cutters then covering in fabric, but I’m not so great with sharp objects ;-). Zebra print makes everything better! lol

  2. […] for a gift for a teen or college student? These Zebra Circle Magnet Boards are so adorable and you could easily make one for under $1 if you already have some scrapbook paper […]

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