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on October 19, 2011

Hey everyone!!  So I’ve got some exciting (to me anyways!) news!!!!  I got a KILN yesterday!!  YAY! 

Not really as exciting to you, I know, BUT, just wait until I show you what I am going to be making with it!  I am just waiting on my husband to rewire something? so I can plug it in…in the BASEMENT! Gasp!  Yes, C has banished me to the basement with my kiln because it’s rather ‘large’.  Whatever.  I don’t care that it is beyond creepy down there.  And cold.  And dirty.  I guess I’ll have to chase the spiders out and clean it up and get ready to get a workout running up and down the stairs :-). 

My hope is that we get it done this week, so that I can have some of my ‘items’ ready to go to the big festival I am going to next week.  Wish me luck!!!!


P.S.- I know my posting has been rather irregular lately…but my sister took her camera back and all of my pics are on my computer at home, and I am not when I have been posting lately (cough cough, don’t tell my boss), so hopefully I will remember to upload them and will get you some good stuff soon!


2 responses to “EXCITING NEWS!

  1. Judy Croslin says:

    That is awesome! Where on earth did you get a kiln??? Can’t wait to see what you’re making with it!

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