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Zebra Pumpkins

on October 14, 2011

Ok, so this post doesn’t have a ton of pictures, because it’s kind of hard to do with one hand lol.  So I will try to explain it the best that I can and if you have questions, please ask! 

The other day I saw something online about how they had taken fabric and mod podged it onto a pumpkin and thought, how cool!  I’ll bet that would be AWESOME in zebra print!  Because I like zebra print and everything would just be better if it came in that print lol.  BUT, in case you didn’t know….zebra fabric is $6 a yard…OUCH.  Not that it wouldn’t have been worth it to put probably $3 of fabric on a dollar pumpkin, but I just wasn’t in the mood.  When I ran across some zebra striped tissue paper, I knew I could make it work!  So here’s what I did:

Get a $ Tree pumpkin….I used the bigger ones, but you could do smaller.  Totally up to you.

Spray paint those dang thangs white, because you don’t want orange zebras.

Cut a piece of tissue paper…I think I used a quarter of a sheet, but they were pretty big sheets.  Just kinda wrap your pumpkin up in one and cut about that much off of it.  I wanted to be sure to just use one big piece so that the stripes would all match and go the same way.

Take your paintbrush (I like to use the foam brushes for mod podge) and spread a layer of modge podge over half of your pumpkin.  Pick a point (usually I try to do the center of the paper and work my way out) and start molding the paper to the pumpkin.  Take your time and get it in the crevices really well, but make sure that you aren’t twisting it!  If there is extra at the top, that’s ok, you can go back over it and trim it up later.  When you get to the edge of your glue, flip it over, modge podge the rest of your pumpkin, and finish wrapping it up!  The edges may overlap a little, that’s ok.  Also, if you see places where it’s layered up or sticking out, just add a little modge podge and smooth it out with your brush (or your finger).

All the extra (and you should have extra) tissue paper at the top is easy to deal with.  I just took mine, pushed it down to see how much I would need to reach the stem, then cut the rest off and modge podged it down.  EASY! 

On the bottom, you may have to do the same thing, but it should just overlap a little. 

I went over it one final time with the modge podge, to give it a glossy look. Then I just painted the stem with black paint and let it dry!  I did one pumpkin with the stripes going up and down and the other side to side so that they wouldn’t be totally matching.  I think they turned out absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to see if they sell in my craft booth (and then I’ll make myself some more 😉  )!  This modge podging business makes just about anything you could want to make happen a reality.  I see an OSU pumpkin in the works!!!!!!


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