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Book Page Pumpkin

on October 8, 2011

Hi all!  This book page pumpkin is an easy, quick, CHEAP project that people really seem to like (me too for that matter!).  I had one of these at my craft booth and it was literally sold in ten minutes of being open.  Next time I think I should have a few more!!!  I saw this photo on Pinterest and it made me think to do pumpkins!

All you need to make one is a paperback book, one that doesn’t have a lot of creases in the binding, you can flip it open to see if it is ‘full’ looking.

Hot glue

Orange spray paint

Cinnamon stick or twig

Brown paint or stamp pad

Tear the cover off the book.  Using a box cutter, cut half of a pumpkin shape, a few pages at a time, until you are all the way through the book.

Run a line of hot glue down the spine of the book and pull the pages towards the back, making a fan with your book.  Press and hold until the glue hardens.  Break the cinnamon stick in half (mine were long) or the twig and hot glue to the top for the stem.  Take your orange spray paint and LIGHTLY spray paint.  You aren’t trying to make the whole thing orange, just some of the edges.  Let that dry.  Take your brown paint and put a bit on a paper towel and ‘smudge’ along a few of the edges to distress it a bit, or take your stamp pad and smudge some directly on it.  Let that dry.

Finish your pumpkin off by tying some fall ribbon or raffia to the stem!

This pumpkin is one that you can sit on a shelf and is just the front half of the pumpkin, so it will lay flat against a wall or shelf.  If you want your book a full circle, and it isn’t full all the way around, you can glue a few pages together to stretch them out a bit where you need it.


One response to “Book Page Pumpkin

  1. Peggy Clyde says:

    Mighty clever. I can think of many other possibilities for paperback books. Thanks.

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