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2×4 Pumpkins

on October 3, 2011


Hi guys!  So these pumpkins are totally cute and totally easy.  I found them on Pinterest (of course!) and thought that they would be awesome to use in my craft booth!  Everybody loved them!  They are really quick to whip up, not to mention cheap.  I used less than two 2×4’s to make 4 pumpkins, at about $2 a board and had a lot leftover to use for another Halloween project.  The link took me to this blog, Alayna’s Creations, and there weren’t any, like, written instructions, but they are so easy that I figured it out ;-).  That’s also the same post I will go off of to use up my scrap 2×4’s.  So here’s a quick rundown:

I (and by I, I mean I got my mom’s boyfriend) cut two 5″ pieces and one 6 1/4 ” piece for my larger pumpkins and two 4″ pieces and one 5″ piece for my smaller ones, just kind of guess and fix it until they look right.

Hot glue the larger piece on top of one of the smaller pieces, making sure it’s centered, and then the second smaller piece on top of the larger piece.  Spray paint them orange and let dry.  Take a brown stamp pad or a dry paintbrush with brown paint on it, and ‘dabble’ the edges of the pumpkins.  Let dry and attach the stem and add raffia or ribbon and you are done!

For the stem:

Find a scrap piece of wood (mine was the very end of the 2×4, cut in half) and spray paint it brown.  Let dry.  Attach to the top of your pumpkin with hot glue.

I think I will be putting these on my mantle or on the table.  Love them!  I think I might even paint a jack o lantern face on one side and keep the other plain so that I can use it for Halloween, flip it over, and use it for Thanksgiving!

There are sooo many good ideas on Pinterest!  Hopefully I can fit them all in before the holidays pass ;-).  I’m also finding a ton of stuff to do for my craft booth. Are you using Pinterest? What’s your favorite thing about it?




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