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Pumpkin Wreath

on September 29, 2011

Are you getting tired of pumpkins yet?! Hopefully not, because I’ve got a few more!  Today I am showing you my  pumpkin wreath I made.  It’s easy, just a little time consuming, so get your DVR ready to go and make this awesome thing!

The idea for this wreath came from Pinterest (of course!  What did I DO before Pinterest?!)

Isn’t it gorgeous!?  I absolutely love it!  But unfortunately, I don’t have $135 to spend on a wreath (believe me, I wish I did and this would be mine in a hot second!), but I couldn’t get it out of my mind.  I think the fact that I didn’t know what they used to make the middle of the wreath (instead of using a round wreath form) is what stuck it in my head.  So the next trip out of town, I made sure I grabbed the right colors of tulle, in case I figured it out.

I headed to my hardware store to find something that I could use for the form.  I figured it was some kind of screen or grid thing.  I feel kind of sorry for my poor hardware guys, I’m surprised they don’t run when I come in.  I don’t know what anything’s called and I usually want some off the wall thing.  But they are so great, they always take the time to listen to my questions and help me find what I need.  Haha, you should have seen his face when I couldn’t think what dryer vent was called for my pumpkins “…um, I need, like, a long tubey looking thing.  It’s silver, kinda looks like foil, I wonder why on earth it looks like that?  I guess it’s to keep the heat in from the dryer.  Oh yeah, cuz it’s attached to a dryer, you know, like, where the end comes out of and shhhhooop into the wall?  Oh!  And it’s got ridges on it!”  Yeah, I suck.  I’m sorry Greg :-).  But they turned out awesome! 

So anyway, this one was a little easier.  I was also there to get some 2×4’s for another project I’ll show you soon, and as I was standing there while they were being cut, I saw all these rolls of fencing type stuff.  PERFECT!  It was super cheap, too!  I got two foot (feet?) of 1/2 inch ‘hardware screen’ for about $2!  I think I’ve got enough left over for 2-3 more!  Score!

I took a bowl that was round and the size I wanted my wreath, set it on top of the screen, and drew around it with that purple marker.  Then I took my wire cutters and just followed the line! 

One thing to thing about, when you get to cutting, try to cut as close as you can to the joints, if you cut it in the middle, it leaves a piece jutting out and they are SHARP!  It’ll getcha!  And it will catch your tulle so many times you will want to pull your hair out.  Just fyi lol.

Then get your tulle ready.  I used 4 yards of orange tulle (at 77 cents a yard), left it kinda folded up like they had it at the store but cut strips about 8″ wide, then I got a book and wrapped it around and around it.  Then take your scissors and cut through the pieces that are over the ends.  Voila!  You’ve got strips that you didn’t spend an hour cutting!  For the green, I left them a little longer so that they would stick up, so just cut one end and only use 1/4 yard, and and for the brown, leave them longer and you probably just need 5 little strips.  Easy.

Ok, so take a strip of orange, fold it in half, insert the folded end through a hole in your screen and pull one half through, leaving the other half still on top.  Thread the bottom piece back up in the spot right next to your other piece.  Tie a knot. 

Repeat, repeat, repeat, until you have covered your form. Make sure that you don’t have any spots that are left bare.

Take your green pieces and tie them in at the top of your wreath.  They should stick out and you will probably have to tie them in on top of each other and on top of some of the orange pieces.  Do the same with your brown (stem) pieces.  Those I tied all into one little hole I think.  Take a strip of whatever–tulle, ribbon, jute, etc. and tie it onto one of the holes in the back, leaving a loop for you to hang it up.  Then just step back and look at your handiwork!  Good job!!  😉 

Not exactly the same, but close enough for me!!  She used mesh for hers, but that stuff is hella expensive and tulle is not, lol!! 




I think I’d like to add a little tag hanging from the stem that said, “Happy Fall” or something, but we’ll see.   Let me know if you make one!!


10 responses to “Pumpkin Wreath

  1. kel101 says:

    Omgggg you are giving me great ideas to decorate my house with for Halloween 🙂

  2. Judy Croslin says:

    I am in love with this!!!

    • jackatessa says:

      Thaaanks! I really like it, too!! You should definitely make one!

      • Judy Croslin says:

        I definitely will. I think I might try and make different sizes and then hang them over our balcony (only place I can put them) in like a little “patch”. One question though; Do you leave the piece of screen that you cut out flat or do you push the middle in? I wonder if you could cut two pieces of screen the same size, put the tulle in and then wire them together to make a full dimensional pumpkin??

  3. jackatessa says:

    That would be so cute!! I left it flat. I think you could do that and it would be so stinkin’ adorable! If you do, you have to send me pictures!!!

  4. Katie says:

    Thank you soooooooooooo much. I have been dying to make this same wreath from Pinterest but had no idea what to do!!! You have been a lot of help. I can’t wait to get started!

  5. jeanna says:

    what it was 137$! this is so cute thanks i didnt whant to buy it for $137

  6. i am going to try. if i use mesh i still do it the exact same way? says:

    I love this!!!! Great job

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