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4×4 Pumpkins

on September 28, 2011

Another fall craft!  This one is sooo easy, cheap, and they turn out so adorable!  I remembered seeing this picture on Pinterest and thought how adorable they were and man, they would look good on my porch, but just went on because power tools are kinda scary and C has been so busy that he doesn’t have any time to cut wood for my projects lol.

BUT, it just so happens that we had been working on getting more of our fence put up (omg, it’s like the never ending project that I just wish would go AWAY!) and we were using 4×4’s for the posts.  They were too long, so C was cutting the tops off!  HMMMMM….they were pretty much the perfect size…..so I snatched them up and carried them off when he wasn’t looking.  I made four of them, and they were all different sizes, but it was perfect because they all went together.  So here’s what I did.

I took my 4×4 pieces, you can use any size you’d like, these were actually pretty big and I liked that since our house is HUGE.   Then I painted / spray painted them orange.  I wanted the grain of the wood to show through mine to give it more of a rustic feel, but if you want yours solid orange, you should probably prime it before you paint.  Let the paint dry.

(See?  Gorgeous grain.)

Then I took these little dowel ends that I found at the hardware store for like $2, put you could use a scrap of wood if you’d like, spray painted them brown, let dry, then attached to the top with some hot glue. 


Here they are all lined up….I spray painted the two really bright ones and the other two I hand painted. I really like both sets!

Then I just tied on some raffia and called it good!

I actually took them to as part of my craft booth to a festival this past weekend.  Here they are with some of my other fall stuff (posts coming soon on those!)  And yes, I did knock the stem off of one and didn’t take it out of the picture (I dropped something on it..oops!) but it’s easily fixable with some hot glue.

I just love fall!!!  Have you started decorating yet?


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