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Pumpkin Candleholders

on September 26, 2011

So these pumpkin candleholders were actually an idea I came up with to use for my work’s Annual Meeting.  I had gotten the go ahead to decorate this year (YAY ME!! I had sooo much fun!) and wanted to do a ‘Fall’ theme.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on decorations (ya know, so that the board would let me do it again next year lol!) so I tried to come up with things that I might have around my house that I could use.  One of the things that I wanted to incorporate were the glass bowls from the turtle ponds from the baby shower last month, because really, who needs 8 of them?  I didn’t get any pictures of the completed decorations 😦 (no camera and I forgot to ask someone, dangit), but I did have this one that I had sent my sister as I was setting up. 

They turned out so good!  I had originally planned to leave the tissue paper long and sticking straight up, then I would gather it would some rafia, but realized that wouldn’t work very well to do in advance, since I would have to drop the little tea lights (the battery operated kind) in and then retie it.  So instead I made them short and it worked just as well!  The meeting goes into the late evening, so I knew that the candles would show up betteer when it got dark and it did.  They looked so pretty!  I made a version of them for my craft booth, but more permanent.  I just used tape for the meeting, but modge podged the ones that I will sell.  They turned out just as pretty!  Here’s how I made them:

Brush modge podge all over your glass bowl.  I got these at Dollar Tree. 

When you’ve got it all modge podged up, set it down in the very center of a sheet of orange tissue paper.  Bring the sides of the tissue paper up and press against the sides of the bowl.  You will have quite a bit sticking up at the top, just take your scissors and cut that off, leaving just enough to go over the lip of the bowl so that you can adhere it to the inside.  Just keep adding a bit of modge podge where you need it and pressing the tissue paper to it, until everything looks glued down.  Then take your brush and add a bit to the inside, where your tissue paper is folded over the edge and make sure that is all down.

Then brush a layer of modge podge over the entire thing, being careful to not rip the tissue paper.  But if you do, just take a piece of what you cut off of the top and place it over the hole, modge podge over it, and it should smooth out and blend in.  Let dry completely (I didn’t, which is why you see the white places below).

Then just take some rafia and loop it around and tie into a big bow.  I like mine with all the extra rafia hanging down, but you can trim it up more if you’d like.  Add a flickering candle and you’re good to go! 🙂  I got a lot of compliments on this and actually just brought them home and put them around the house for fall and I love them.


5 responses to “Pumpkin Candleholders

  1. kel101 says:

    You know how I am going to have a Halloween party this year? I think that I am definitely going to line my front sidewalk with these! I used to make some of these but cut out different color squares and put all over them, but these are even Halloween shaped! Such a good idea! Where do you get the battery operated tealights??

  2. jackatessa says:

    Yes! These are the ones I got when I was with you! I actually saw one of the ones you are talking about…Rach and I made them too, I think I saw it at her house. You can get the tea lights at Dollar Tree ($1 for a 2 pack I think) Dollar General ($1 for a 2 pack) or WalMart ($2.50 for a three pack). Maybe I’ll come to your party 🙂

  3. kel101 says:

    You definitely should! And I made that for her for Christmas a looooong time ago. Before I was making money and could buy stuff 🙂

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