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Magnet Boards

on September 22, 2011

So I have a fair that I am doing my craft booth at this weekend, and I’m trying to get everything ready and thought I would share some of my new things!  The first one is for some magnet boards.  I actually have some magnet boards that I already have with my stuff, but I haven’t sold a whole lot of them.  Here’s what they look like.

They are super cute and everyone loves them (or at least they tell me they do lol!)  But the problem is that the sheet of metal that I have to put on them costs me $12!  Then I have to buy the fabric and ribbon, I only charged $15.  So I’m definitely NOT making any money, at all, but I really liked them!  I try to keep very inexpensive items because it seems like people really don’t want to or don’t have the money to spend on more expensive things and $15 seemed a little much (especially if I wasn’t even making any money on it, I’d probably have to charge $20 at least for them to be a ‘good sell’).  But since I had so many comments that people loved them, I knew I needed to come up with something different.  The metal was what was costing me so much, so that was where I needed to work on it.  Hellloooooo Pinterest!  You’ve come to my rescue again! I saw some pins that showed little magnet boards made with COOKIE SHEETS!  GENIUS!  And the best thing?  I got all of mine at Dollar Tree :-).  I would say that $1 is a definite improvement over $12!! 

I didn’t cover these with fabric, choosing to just do spray paint, but they could easily be done that way.  I used spray paint and ribbon that I already had, so these babies cost me about $1.10 to make!  Hopefully this is a cheaper option my customers can enjoy :-)!!  Here’s how I did it: (Please excuse the dark pictures, my camera is still broken and I have to use my phone for pictures right now 😦 )

Get a cookie sheet (or even a serving tray, just as long as a magnet sticks to it!) and spray paint with desired color.  Let dry.

Take your ribbon and cut a piece that is about 18″ long.  Line it up on the back side, making sure that it will lay right and that the strap will be the length you want it.  Turn it over, and making sure that you are doing it evenly, hot glue the ends of your ribbon to the BACK of the cookie sheet.

Flip your board back over and add a ribbon or bow embellishment and you’re done!!  Easy peasy!  You can do any color combo you want!  I think I am going to do some blue and white ones for our school colors and maybe put SHS on it and hopefully the kids will like them.  These would make GREAT Christmas gifts for kids AND adults!  I think I will make a pretty one to put in my craft room 🙂  Gotta have a place to put my pictures of my new nephew!!


5 responses to “Magnet Boards

  1. What a fantastic idea!!!

  2. […] this is a cute updated version of my magnet board!  I used cookie sheets and liked them alot, but while I was at Dollar Tree I saw another thing that I thought would […]

  3. Britney says:

    I was wondering if using modge podge to place cute fabric over the metal would ruin the magnetics? I want to make them look less like cookie sheets

    • jackatessa says:

      Hi Britney!
      I don’t think you would have to modge podge them if you didn’t want to. I think you could just wrap the fabric around and hot glue it to the back like the top one. But if you do want to modge podge them, I would think that as long as you get pretty strong magnets, they should do fine.

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