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Cake Mix Cookies

on September 18, 2011

So the other day I found myself in need of some cookies, pronto.  Being the awesome person that I am, I had forgotten that I had volunteered to bring cookies to an event and I had very little time before it started and when I opened up my pantry, I had a whole lot of….nothing.  Looks like that cooking binge I went on the weekend before had pretty much cleaned me out and I hadn’t felt like going to the store, but I did see something that could save me.  German chocolate cake mix.  Heck yes!  I’d make cake mix cookies!  So I googled and came up with this recipe from Tidy Mom.   You should definitely check out the rest of her site….she totally had me sidetracked before I remembered…COOKIES! 

With three ingredients for the cooking, and some frosting if you are feeling fancy and ya know, actually go to the grocery store.  But whatever.  They whipped up in no time and were absolutely delicious.  They were soft and I’m sure with a little bit of Pillsbury Milk Chocolate Icing (my favorite!) they would have been divine!  The best thing was that the leftovers stayed good and soft for about a week and were just as yummy!  I love that cake mix cookies can be so versatile.  You can literally use any flavor, red velvet, white, carrot, even strawberry and get great cookies!


2 responses to “Cake Mix Cookies

  1. What a great idea, I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new cookie recipes.

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