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Dryer Vent Pumpkins

on September 16, 2011

These things are just too cute!  And beyond easy to make.  I think I had them put together in less than five minutes!  I originally found this idea on Pinterest and it linked me to this site.  She tells you how to make it but I took a few pictures, so I’m going to share, too.  But be sure to check out her site!  I’ve gotten quite a few Pinterest ideas from her ;-).

First, you’ll need a can of orange spray paint, glue gun, cinnamon stick (or regular stick) and some ribbon or raffia.  You will also need some dryer vent.  I found this in my small hardware store and it was $7 for 5 feet, and it was 4 inches wide.  This was just enough for me to get two pumpkins.


Ok, so then you need to take your vent and kinda stretch it and curl it into a circle to see how much you’ll need.  Like I said, I got two pumpkins out of this, and I wanted mine to be a little different sizes, so one I made stretch a little further, then the other was a little less stretched and was a bit bigger.  When you’ve got them sized, cut through the foil looking stuff on the vent.  I just used my rotary cutter for this, but a knife or scissors would work too.  Then take your glue gun and spread it all over the flap of one side in a little area (that sentence just contradicted itself, huh? lol oh well, you know what I mean) and stick the other side to it.  Hold it for a few seconds to be sure the glue ‘sets’ then move to the next little section.  Repeat with second pumpkin. 

This is what you should end up with.

Spray paint those bad boys!

I just did one coat and it was plenty, but be sure that you are getting down in the grooves and turn them over after they’ve dried and do the bottom side, too.  And you should definitely do it on top of the Sunday cartoon insert, ya know, gives you something to read while you are painting.  Just be sure to pay attention to where you are pointing your can of spray paint or you will end up with orange toes.  But I would most certainly not know that for a fact ;-). 

After they have dried, all you have left to do is stick a cinnamon stick down in the center.  My little pumpkin was small enough it stayed without an issue, but my bigger one had it falling through the middle, so I just stuck some rolled up tape down in the middle and put it on top.  Then just add a raffia or ribbon bow and you’re done!  How easy was that?!  I used these for Annual Meeting at work as a decoration and got several comments on them.  I think I will add them to my craft booth, too.  Easy, cheap, and cute!  Three things I like, lol!


2 responses to “Dryer Vent Pumpkins

  1. That is BEYOND clever!!! What a fun idea, thank you very much for posting it.

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