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Apple Jelly

on September 11, 2011

Hey all!  Sorry I haven’t posted much this past week, but I have a good reason!  I have a new nephew!!  He is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, so I’ve been busy going and visiting him and keeping my niece for my sister, and she keeps me BUSY, lol!  That girl just goes, goes, goes!!

So this recipe for Apple Jelly is sooo easy it’s ridiculous!  You use bottled apple juice, so no chopping or peeling apples and all that extra work.  It’s unscrewing the bottle cap.  I think I can handle that!!

I actually got my apple juice at the Dollar Tree, it was enough for me to get two batches out of, and if you’ve bought apples lately, you know how expensive they are, so spending 50 cents on a batch is a lot cheaper.  The flavor is great and it makes a super clear jelly.  It’s been a big hit at the farmer’s market I go to, so I hope you enjoy it, too!

Recipe here.


One response to “Apple Jelly

  1. kel101 says:

    Easy recipe, but now how about a recipe that we can put this jelly on??? Like……muffins!

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