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Baby Shower Games and Decorations

on September 5, 2011

Ok, so this will be the last post I do on baby shower things, lol, I promise!  So we decided to go with turtles as our theme for the shower, plus some general baby things, too.  We used blue, green , yellow and white as our color scheme and decorated with some tissue paper around the poles in the church basement.  We also used those colors of balloons that we hung from the ceiling.  This way we didn’t have to buy helium (those tanks are expensive and they don’t do very many balloons!) and could air them up a little earlier, which was good, since it took us a LONG time lol!!

We also made a diaper wreath, diaper cake, and a diaper carriage, but I can’t find those pictures right now.  If I do, I’ll be sure to post them.

Instead of a sign in sheet, I designed this Pooh paper that had empty spaces for everyone to ‘sign in’ by putting a fingerprint as a balloon.  I then connected everyone’s balloon with a string and we will hang this in the baby’s nursery. I put a quote in the top box. The empty blue box is going to have his name, birthdate, and how much he weighs.

We started the shower out by giving everyone a little dixie cup with an ice cube in it.  The ice cube had a little plastic baby frozen inside of it and whoever melted their ice cube the fastest (without touching it) won!  That game was called “My Water Broke”.


The next game was really fun.  We had everyone break up into teams, gave them two rolls of toilet paper and they had to make a ‘diaper’ on one of their teammates.  We didn’t give them any tape or anything, either.  Then we had the ‘big sister’ pick the best diaper of the bunch!


Then we played ‘Pin the Baby on the Mommy’.  B drew a pregnant belly on a posterboard that we put on the wall and we had babies that we had cut out.  We blindfolded the person, spun them around and let them try to put it on a certain location.  The mommy to be has a belly button ring, so we used that as our winning spot.  This got quite a few laughs.

Our last game was a Candy Bar Game that we got from this site.  We listed all of the different candy bars on a poster board and then called out the different clues and whoever shouted out the right candy bar first, won.  We gave them candy bars as the prize for all of our games.

Ok!  I think that wraps up the baby shower stuff.  I’ll be back tomorrow with an easy jam recipe for you all :-).  Hope you are having a great Labor Day Weekend!!


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