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Baby Shower Punch

on August 25, 2011


I didn't think to get pictures until after we had served for awhile. Oops!

My older sister, R, is about 35 weeks pregnant, and my sister S and I wanted to throw her a baby shower!  This is her second baby, but we consulted all the etiquette sites we could find and they all said it was perfectly ok (and not totally inappropriate/rude) to throw her a shower since this was the first baby of the opposite sex.  We wanted it to be a fun shower focused on her with lots of yummy food!  I will give more details when I get all the pics uploaded :-).  I borrowed my mom’s camera until I get mine fixed, but we seem to be having a disagreement on how to get them off the card lol.  We had tons of fun and there was a lot of laughter at the shower, so I deem it a success!!

The first recipe I will share with you is for the punch that we served.  I LOVE punch.  Seriously.  If it wasn’t so dang fattening, I would probably drink it all the time.  But it is fattening, so I guess I’ll have to wait for my friends to get knocked up before I can have some ;-).  Just kidding…..  S and I were having a lot of disagreements on what kind of punch we wanted to serve.  Personally, I’m a fan of just mixing sherbet and 7 up or ginger ale, but she thought she had heard a recipe about making kool aid and mixing it in.  Well, we never could agree, but we went ahead and bought a few packages of kool aid (totally to shut her up 😉  )….and we forgot all about it.  So there I am, the shower is about to start and I didn’t have any sugar to mix it, and I have five packages of kool aid mix.  So I just dumped the powder in!!  It was super delicious and everyone commented on how good it was!   It was tangy and sweet, and the bits of sherbet floating around made it even better.   It also made it a pretty blue color, which was perfect for our BOY themed turtle shower.  I also added ice that I had tinted the water blue and poured into some turtle molds and frozen all week.  so it looked like we had turtles swimming in our punch :-)!  And I mean really, how much simpler can you get!?  I’m sure you could change this to suit whatever color you are having with your shower just by substituting the kool aid and the sherbet.  What’s your favorite kind of punch?

Baby Shower Punch

2   (2 liters) 7 up or ginger ale

1 carton pineapple sherbet

1 carton lime sherbet

1 package of blue raspberry koolaid

Pour your 7 up or gingerale into your punch bowl.  Add powdered koolaid and stir.  Scoop out balls of sherbet and put in your punch bowl (the more the better I say!).  Serve.


One response to “Baby Shower Punch

  1. I love collecting punch recipes, they sure come in handy for special occassions. Thanks for sharing.

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