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Pork Fingers

on August 17, 2011
or beef fingers, or even chicken fingers!  This technique works for all of them!  I don’t really like a lot of breading on my meat, nope, not at all.  So this is my go to cooking method for any kind of meat that I don’t already have something else planned for.  It’s super easy and cheap and you can use whatever you have stored in the freezer, even if you just have a little bit of a few different kinds of meat, and make a quick and yummy meal!

First, pour about an inch of vegetable oil into a heavy skillet and set it over medium heat to warm up.  Then you will need to take your meat and slice it into strips, against the grain if you have meat that’s been tenderized like mine has.  You can tell it’s been tenderized from the lines that go across the top of the cut.  You could also use pork chops, some beef steak, or whatever your grocery store has on sale.  You don’t want really small pieces, but then again you don’t want really big pieces either.  Make them ‘finger sized’.

After all of your meat is cut it’s time to get your breading ready.  Basically you take a 2 C. of flour and add whatever seasonings you like.  I use creole seasoning and Lawry’s seasoning salt, then I throw some pepper in, too.  You can customize the seasonings to whatever you have on hand or whatever you like. 


Dredge each piece of meat in the flour mixture and then add it (slowly!) to your hot oil, making sure to not crowd the pan too much.  A lot of people use an egg bath to coat their meat in along with the flour, but I don’t like the texture of that so much, and this is soo much easier!

Let the meat cook until it is cooked all the way through and the crust of the meat is browned, turning it once. This won’t take too long at all since it is such a small piece of meat.  I probably let mine go for about 4 minutes on each side, just because I like the extra crispy crust on it.  An easy way to test if your meat is done is to a) pull a piece out and cut it in half, if there’s no pink, it is done or b) take a piece out and press down on it with your tongs, if the juice that runs out is clear, it’s done, if it’s pinkish, it needs to go for a few more minutes.   Remove to a paper towel lined plate to drain the grease off and then eat!!  I like to serve this with a side of mashed potatoes and brown gravy…..sooooo good.  The best part is that you can count on one ‘steak’ per person and it’s a good, filling meal, but if you were to just give one person a whole steak or meat, it might not be enough to fill them up and they would want seconds, so it’s a good, economic way to feed people :-).


The best part about making this meal?  I always knew if I made it while C was deployed and B found out, she would be there in a hot second to eat with me.  Guaranteed company! lol What is your favorite cut of meat to work with and why?  I have to say I prefer pork like this, that’s been tenderized.  I get it when it’s on sale and can pick up a package that will feed two people for about $2, so I try to keep a stock of it in my freezer for quick meals.


2 responses to “Pork Fingers

  1. What a GREAT idea!!! I’ve done this with chicken a million times, but it never even occurred to me to use pork (which we LOVE). Thank you for sharing!!

    • jackatessa says:

      Have you tried it with the tenderized chicken? It’s like making chicken tenders…sooo good! I very rarely find that kind of chicken at my store, but I have to say that pork is still my fave! Thanks for the comment Coleen!

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