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Iced Coffee

on August 8, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I have been seeing recipes for Iced Coffee all over blog land.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the 110 + degree heat we have been having and the thought of ingesting anything hot makes me want to lie down in front of the air conditioner or because I don’t want to wake up the extra ten minutes early to get the coffee pot going, but it sounded like pretty much the best idea ever.  I have made iced coffee before, but never really liked it that much, it tasted like cold coffee.  This stuff is different…it’s absolutely delicious and so handy!  I’m trying to con my sister, B, into doing it, since she is going to college tomorrow (sad face L:-(…)  and they won’t let them have a coffee pot in their room.  She can do this on a smaller scale and fit it into the itty bitty refrigerator they give them in their rooms.

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When I decided to make it, it was pretty late at night and I didn’t have my laptop with me, so I was pretty sure the recipe I had seen on Pioneer Woman was 16 oz of coffee to 8 cups of water, then you let it steep overnight and drain it in the morning.  OK! Easy!  I used about half of a can of coffee, or 8 oz, so, ok, I’ll need to add 4 cups of water.  It took less than a minute to get it all ready.  The next morning I was all excited as it drained out that I stuck my finger in it and licked it and though, Wowzers!  That’s strong!  But I’ll bet the ice will thin it out some, ok so here we go.  I poured some of my Coffeemate French Vanilla Creamer in the bottom, some of the Dulce de Leche I had made and combined it, then filled it to the top with ice and poured my coffee in.  Hmm, that’s strange I thought to myself, I thought Pioneer Woman said that her batch lasted her like three weeks or something.  Oh well, maybe she just used a smaller cup.  So off to work I went.

When I got everything situated at my desk, I took the first drink.  And almost spit it out it was soooo strong! Dang, how can people drink this!?  So I went back to the recipe and double checked it, thinking I had done something wrong.  Ummmm, yes, I sure had!  Pioneer Woman’s recipe calls for 16 oz of coffee to 8 QUARTS of water, not cups! OMGGGGGGG.  I had used 1/4th the amount of water I needed!!  Needless to say, I didn’t finish my coffee that day, but the next day I just added a splash of the coffee concentrate and then filled it the rest of the way with water and it tastes great!  I actually think I like the super concentrated part because I don’t have to have a huge container in my fridge, I can just put it in a tupperware.  I think once I run out of the dulce de leche I will just use the sweetened condensed milk, it really adds an extra layer of yumminess to your cup.  Here is the link to the recipe.


3 responses to “Iced Coffee

  1. Wow that must have been STRONG COFFEE! lmbo, I just made it for the first time too and I used some chocolate raspberry flavored coffee I had in my freezer…it turned out well except when I was pouring it in to my drink dispenser the tap was OPEN and I lost more than half down the drain! AHH!
    I turned that tap off and saved the rest and it is so good, I have a new addiction. 🙂

    • jackatessa says:

      Ohh it was! lol but the concentrate is actually a little easier to use and store than having to keep a big jug of it, that way if I am feeling super tired I can just add a bigger shot of it! The flavored coffee sounds amazing! I actually have some flavored coffee in my freezer, good idea Jennifer!! You are so right, totally addicting!

  2. kel101 says:

    So after having it explained to me and somebody showing me how to make it, I kinda like it! First time I tried it though, it was not good at all.

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