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Pizza Toppings

on August 7, 2011

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Pizza is so great. Everyone loves pizza.  There are so many toppings that no matter who you are, you can pretty much find a combination that you will like.  Me, I’m
pretty much a Hoover and will eat anything you put in front of me, but I do
have a few favorites.  I like to switch out BBQ or ranch for the sauce instead of regular pizza sauce.  Or refried beans.  Or sweet chili sauce.  Or queso.
See what I mean?  Toppings?  Fuggetaboutit!  There are about a bajillion veggies, cheeses and even fruits that you can put on them, and do I ever stack it up high!!  Usually I have to eat my pizza with a fork because it’s piled so high that there is no way that my dough can support my toppings.  Here are a few of my favorite
combinations, starting with the one I had last night:

-Half ranch and half pizza sauce mixed together and spread
over the crust, sliced zucchini sautéed in olive oil with some creole seasoning
on it, sliced onions, pineapple and Colby jack cheese, then sprayed with my
garlic spray. YUM.

– Sweet Thai chili sauce, sliced water chestnuts, mushrooms,
pineapple, sliced onions, cooked, diced bacon and then cheese.  I usually put crushed red pepper flakes and diced green onions on before I eat it for a little bit of heat.  This is also good if I have any extra shrimp, shredded chicken or even shredded turkey.
I had a version of this when we were in Hawaii and it was sooo good I
had to make it myself when we got home.

-Ranch, shredded chicken or turkey, diced cooked bacon, onions, green onions and cheese.  This is definitely C’s favorite.

– BBQ for the sauce, shrimp, pineapple, onions, diced cooked bacon, jalapenos and cheese.

– Refried beans, onions, shredded chicken, jalapenos and cheese.

Basically I take a look through my fridge and freezer and pull out anything that I think sounds good!  You pretty much can’t go wrong.
What do you put on your homemade pizza?


3 responses to “Pizza Toppings

  1. Wish I could get my picky-picky hubby to try a non-traditional pizza. These are great ideas, I think I’ll try the ranch idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • jackatessa says:

      My husband is kinda picky about what he puts on his also, that’s why making a few small ones works best for us, so that we can each have it our own way! Let me know how you like the ranch. Thanks for commenting!!

  2. kel101 says:

    I’ve done one on the grill where I used dijon mustard as the sauce. It gave it a nice bite. I grilled the chicken, peppers, onions, and garlic. Then put cheese on it and threw it back on. It was delicious!

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