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What’s For Breakfast?

on August 4, 2011
So, I’m not usually what you would call a ‘morning’ person.  If you talk to me before I’ve had my shower to wake me up, I may or may not growl at you.  Literally.  After my shower, I let the dogs out and go sit in the living room, in  the dark, in my bath robs and watch CMT music videos until it’s time to get up and get ready to work.  When C was deployed, I normally had not said a single word until I got to work in the mornings, and that’s the way I liked it.  Unfortunately, when you live with someone, you are usually required to speak to them in the morning and especially if they are asking you super annoying questions like, “what’s for breakfast?”

Usually what I want to say is, “Seriously?  Do you not see me here, in the dark, with my eyelids propped open and this really scary mean look on my face right now?  Do you think I even care what the heck you have for breakfast, I mean, you can eat cereal, or toast, or flippin’ starve for all I care but don’t EVEN expect me to get up out of this chair to make you something.”  But I don’t.  Usually.  Today since I’d been up half the night between a storm we had and three dogs taking up entirely too much space in the bed because they were scared of the storm and were practically sitting on my head, I decided I’d have breakfast.  So I got out some gravy that I made the other night and even made biscuits.  There, that should make the hubby happy and earn me some brownie points and I get to actually eat something instead of eating stale saltines I found in my desk drawer.

It probably would have, if he’d eaten any.  He didn’t.  See if I ever microwave cream gravy for HIM again! lol  Well, ok, so maybe I should step up my game in the breakfast department.  I’ve been seeing a lot of really yummy recipes on Pinterest lately, I should try some of them out!

Like this one, Giant Cinnamon Cheese Danish from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen?  I’m kind of obsessed with her site right now and have been pinning a TON of her recipes.  She always finds/makes the best ones!

What about making my own bagels?  I’ve always wanted to do that and I saw this recipe over on Pennies on a Platter.  It wouldn’t necessarily be a quick recipe to do in the mornings, but maybe something I can do one evening and eat them all week.  There are just soo many options with the toppings and flavors with bagels.

Or maybe I could try the biscuits and gravy again, or even egg and cheese biscuits using this recipe from Walking in His Grace.  Can they really be just two ingredients? This recipe is from Cyndi’s momma, so I’m sure it’s just delicious!

I have found a lot more really yummy looking recipes, if you’d like to see them, you can follow me on Pinterest.  Do you have any go to breakfast recipes?  Or do you eat cereal every morning and call it good?   I’m not really into cooking and eating eggs every morning and I’m not very good at making pancakes 🙂 and at 7 a.m. I’m not feeling very creative, so something that can be whipped up fast or even made ahead is always good for me.  These recipes will definitely (hopefully) be made in the very near future.

**Sorry about the confusion earlier, my photos and captions were fine on my end, but when I clicked on it as a viewer it was all messed up.  Hopefully it’s all fixed, if not, please let me know!


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