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Cilantro Jelly

on July 5, 2011


So my dad gave me an entire grocery bag full of cilantro out of his garden a few weeks ago, and being me, I didn’t get it dealt with before it was,well, less than yummy looking.  It was kinda limp and some of it was brown but I didn’t want to throw it away so I started googling and found a recipe for Herb Jelly.  Perfect!  I’d make Cilantro Jelly!  It turned out this gorgeous green (sorry, I couldn’t get a good picture of it) and it is really yummy.  I’m thinking on cornbread muffins, on top of white chili or chowder, etc.   I also mixed some of the leftovers of this in with some leftovers of the Kissin’ Kiwi Jalapeno Jam and it was GOOD!  Here is the link to the recipe . It is super simple to follow and can be done with any herb.  It made my house smell for cilantro for an entire day, so you might light a candle after you’re done lol!!


5 responses to “Cilantro Jelly

  1. ericka says:

    honey I can not seem to see this link you speak of and I have so VERY much cilantro . . . .can you send it to me by chance?

  2. Terry Barrett says:

    can not find the recipe on the link you have above, could you please send me the recipe. Thank You Terry

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