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Kissing Kiwi Jalapeno Jam Recipe

on June 27, 2011

Hello all! It’s been QUITE the weekend, but I figured I would quickly share an awesome recipe with you.  I got it from Pinterest (I plan on doing more of an in depth post about using Pinterest if you are curious about it) and as soon as I saw it, I knew I would be making it asap.  That asap turned out this week since kiwis went on sale for only 25 cents each instead of the usual 99 cents each!! lol.  So here it is!  Kissing Kiwi Jalapeno Jam from Showfood Chef .  Her tutorial is super easy to follow, with really nice pictures, so click on over there and have a look see at it!!  The jam is soooo good!  It’s sweet and hot, but not too hot like you would think it would be with six jalapenos.  I think next time I might add some green food coloring, just to get a pretty color, but of course that doesn’t affect the taste at all.  I was pretty excited that I got to put this jam in my new little jars that I got for things just like this!  I don’t like having to put new recipes in the bigger jars, because if you don’t like it or if it’s a jam you won’t use a lot of you don’t want it in a huge jar that you can’t use up before it goes bad.  It’s also easier to hand out in these small jars.  Finally, before you go I thought I would share a picture of my finished product.  Happy canning!!


2 responses to “Kissing Kiwi Jalapeno Jam Recipe

  1. Hey, Thanks for trying my recipe. Glad it worked out so well, your jams look delicious! Go Kiwis 😀

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