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Cinnamon Roll Bouquet Anyone??

on June 12, 2011

So in all of my blog reading, I stumbled across this cute idea for a Cinnamon Roll Bouquet (it was on a blog, but I can’t find the blog, only where it was posted on Tasty Kitchen, but since it was the same photo that they had on the blog, it’s either her or someone is stealing her stuff).  I filed it away in my “Do Someday” lists and less than a week later I had my first oppurtunity!  My cousin was going through a hard time, so I made her a bouquet to cheer her up.  Everyone really loved it and hopefully it was something to maker her day a little better!  It was fun and really easy to do.  Her instructions are totally easy to follow so you shouldn’t have any trouble.

I love that the rolls looked like little flowers!  I just put them on the sticks (I used chopsticks) and took a dollar store vase, filled it was floral foam and stuck them in then covered the foam with some tissue paper and tied a raffia bow on it.  I also tied a raffia bow on each of the rolls to close the bags that were over them.

My second bouquet, made less than a week later, was for my littlest sister on her last day of school.  Since she is the last of 6 sisters that graduated from that school, I wanted to make her last day special.  It was a day that’ll go down in history!! lol  We have had at least one girl at SHS for 23 years, with all six of us more often than not!!  My poor mom bought her last formal dress this year after buying one, if not two or even three! dresses every year for the last eleven years straight (there were a couple others before for my oldest sister) for 8th grade grad, junior prom and senior proms.  It’s just a little crazy to think of it like that!  Anyway, back to the point, I figured that everyone gets bouquets of flowers on their last day and that I wanted to get her something different, that could still be ‘delivered’ to the HS where everyone could see it.  Cinnamon roll bouquet it is!!!  I found a black basket that is canvas and that she could use when she goes away to college, put some floral foam in it and covered it with blue paper shreds and then stuck the rolls in, added a ribbon bow to the front and a balloon I got for $1 at Dollar General (blue and white and black are the school colors).  The whole thing cost me only $10! ($4 for the basket, $1 each for the floral foam, paper shreds, bow, kabob sticks and $2 for the cinnamon rolls)  I actually found that the off brand rolls at our store filled out better than the expensive kind and that chopsticks worked better than the ksbob sticks since they weren’t as sharp and the kabob ones would stick through the roll and out of the bags.  She said that everyone loved it and commented on it all day, so it was a SUCCESS!!!

(sorry for the crappy photo, I have a crappy camera phone)


She also had ideas for Pizza Rolls Bouquets that I am going to try sometime too, but didn’t want to have to worry about keeping them refrigerated.  Neat ideas!!!!


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