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Oreo Cake

on June 1, 2011

Do you read My Baking Addiction ?  Jamie is pretty much awesome and I LOVE reading what she has come up with next!  I was reading back posts of her blog and came across the recipe for Oreo Cake and just about died!! OMG did that look good.  I printed it off and was just waiting for the perfect time to debut that baby.  Well that time was for my littlest sister’s graduation!!  I altered it a bit for what I had on hand and this is what I came up with….

Heaven on a cake platter.  Seriously.  This thing was gone so quick it made me a little sad since I had been envisioning eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner all by myself!  You just have got to make this.  Seriously.  I iced it a little differently than she did, but believe me, it was just as good!

So the things I did differently for the cake is that I just took a devils food cake mix and crumbled up a ton of oreos and added a chocolate pudding mix and that was it.  Then with the icing, I added some crumbled oreos in while it was still mixing so that they were more incorporated into the icing, then folded in more oreos with a spatula for more crunch.  Serious deliciousness.  And use the chocolate syrup, it makes a difference.


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