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A Little Recap and Easter Wreath #2

on May 11, 2011

So I’m back!  We have had a crazy busy few weeks….we had a HUGE multi family yard sale this past weekend at my house and I have spent sooo much time getting ready for that.  C is super busy with the fire deptartment and his EMT classes and work and then there’s just life in general!  I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend.  My momma didn’t get anything special (yet) because she works nights and didn’t get much sleep the night before, so decided to forgo breakfast and head to bed.  I spent the day at the yard sale again and then cleaning up.  It’s been a long weekend!  But summer is almost here!

I (and by I, I mean my dad) haven’t tilled my garden yet so I don’t have my plants in, so I went ahead and planted the seeds inside and will take them out when they grow.  If they grow.  I’m kind of a plant killer but fingers crossed this goes well!  I have lots of canning plans for this summer and so I really need a good garden since there is no way that I could afford to buy all of that produce!  Last summer my dad, who plants two HUGE gardens, like think an acre big, gave me veggies, but I only saw him on weekends so when he gave me some it was like 50 lbs of squash at a time lol.  OH MY!  So my thinking is that if I can manage it a little better then I will get a lot more done since it won’t all be staring at me in a huge pile, but more like daily trips to the garden.  We will see I guess!

  I also mowed my lawn for the very first time EVER last week!  When we lived in Jville, our apartment complex mowed the lawn so it wasn’t an issue and my sister, B, mowed it for me last summer (she was so nice!).  But since C has been super busy and pretty much refused to do it, I thought I should bite the bullet and just get it done before our lawn grew into a jungle.  So I rode my mom’s riding mower down from her house (there is NO WAY I was push mowing our huge yard!) and went at it!  I’ve never mowed a lawn before so it was an experience.  I got the run down of how to use it and I was off!  The one thing I will say?  I never really understood why they said you should go in straight lines when you mow, I mean, what does it matter if it all gets mowed?  Ummmm it matters lol!  I just kind of went in a willy nilly pattern and then looked at it after I was finished and it looks like a drunk person mowed my lawn!  But it’s totally more fun when you go in zig zags and circles!!!!  There are crazy lines going all over the place, not to mention the places that I missed (how THAT happened with like 8 inch tall grass but whatevs).  So from now on I will go in a pattern for sure!!

Now on to that Easter Wreath I promised!  This one was super easy.  Just as easy as the first one and a good way to use up all those leftover plastic eggs that you think you put them all away and you randomly find them until next January.  So here’s what I did, I’m sure I saw this on a blog somewhere but I’m not sure which one:

Take a piece of cardboard as big as you would like your wreath, as you can see I used a box and trace a bowl that is the size you want your wreath to be also.  Then take a smaller bowl and trace another circle in the center of your bigger circle so that you have what looks like a target.  Cut your wreath form out.  (I’m sure that you could also just buy a styrofoam wreath form, but I don’t live near a $ Tree and my Dollar General doesn’t carry them.

This is what it should look like

So basically from here you just take your hot glue gun, dab a little on a plastic egg and stick.  You might have to work with it a little to make sure that you cover most of your cardboard.  If I do this again, I will probably paint or cover the wreath form in ribbon so that you won’t just see cardboard sticking through.  Hindsight, right?

I did two layers on my wreath because of the whole seeing the cardboard issue and I just liked it better.  The only bad thing about that is that it was kind of thick and since I put my wreaths between my wooden doors and my screen door, the first time I shut the door with it in there it went ‘crunch!’ and I had to repair it.

I finished it off by just tying a pretty ribbon and bow on it and hanging it!  I posted it on facebook and had a ton of comments saying how much people loved it!  This took less than 15 minutes and was a total hit!  I think I paid 30 cents for a bag of eggs and used less than two bags, the cardboard was free and I already had the ribbon and hot glue….so this cost me less than $1 to make!  How awesome is that?!  I think next year I will make family and friends some of these (I was a little late in the season this year, oh well!) or some of the grass ones.  Hope you liked it! Let me know if this works for you, too!


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