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Dollar Tree Hurricanes

on April 7, 2011

So I found a post online somewhere (not exactly sure where, if you know, leave me a comment) about making hurricanes from the Dollar Tree.  I was intrigued and it looked super easy so I thought, I can do that!

So here’s what I did…I bought some of those glass candlesticks…I bought mine in sets of two because I like the symmetry of things in two’s lol!  Then I took my little glass candlesticks over and started looking through all the candle holders and vases.  There are a ton to choose from and so you’ll just have to put them together to see how they look.

Now to assemble.  Make sure all of the tags are off and there’s no sticky gunk left on the glass.  Wash them if you’d like and let them completely dry.  Take your hot glue gun or some glue adhesive and very carefully pipe a ring of glue along the top of the candlestick.  Turn you candle holder over and press the candle stick with the wet glue in the center of the bottom of the candleholder.  Press until you are sure you have it secured to the glass.  Add some weight (I put a stack of tiles on them because that’s what I had handy..but a heavy book or something would work just as well.  LEAVE OVERNIGHT!  I was messing with them after a while because I thought it had set…well it hadn’t!  It came off in my hand and I had to pick off all the dried glue and start again.  So just leave them alone until the next day. 

After that you can do whatever you’d like!  Fill them with candy or candles or little pebbles.  Whatever your heart desires!  I love them and I think I will give some away as wedding gifts.  You can never have too many hurricanes and there are so many styles you can choose from, and you can’t beat it for $2!

The one thing I didn’t care for?  That you can see the glue through the bottom of the glass, but you can see the ‘stick’ (for lack of a better word) through regular hurricanes so whatev.  Maybe it’s just because I put it there.  ha!


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