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on April 5, 2011

 I just love Spring!  I love the way everything starts turning green again, the leaves start growing on the trees, flowers start blooming, and that it is cool…not hot, not cold, but cool.  I like to sit out on my front porch swing and drink my coffee and just enjoy the weather.  I brought my bible study out this morning and just soaked it all up. 

These are the flowers that I have in stone flower beds that line my walkways to my house.  We have a set at the front of the house and also on the side.  I just love it when these bloom!  It is called phlox and it starts getting green in early March then by late March, early April these gorgeous little flowers start appearing.  They will stay like this for a month or two then they will lose the flowers and just stay this gorgeous green through the fall.  One thing about though….when it is done for the season and it’s winter time, that stuff is PRICKLY!  I try not to touch it when it’s like that!  But I am just loving it now so I thought I’d take a few pictures and share.

I love how whoever was here before us planted it in alternating colors.  We moved into this house in November, so it was in the shriveled up phase and I wondered what I could plant there in the spring and had all kinds of ideas…but then this showed up before I did anything and I am so glad it did!  I love it!  The best part is that I really don’t have to water it or do any kind of maintenance.  They are just BEAUTIFUL!

I also just love the solar lights I put in my beds last year.  I got them on sale at Big Lots….10 lights for $20!  They look so nice at night.  I got them for both walkways too.  Well that’s all I’ve got for now…hope you liked looking at my pictures! Happy Spring!


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