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Diaper Clutch

on March 31, 2011

I saw this on Little Bird Secrets blog and loved it!  I had been wanting to make one for my bag that I keep for my niece, A, to take to church.  Well when I took my older sister, S, shopping with me she started drooling over this pink zebra print fabric so I waited until she turned the corner and had them cut it for me and I bought it!  It matches her ‘A Bag’ perfectly since it’s black and white polka dots with pink writing so I thought that the first clutch I made would go to her!  

I measured and cut the fabric and everything went fine…..it took hardly any time at all to sew and looked great!   Since I didn’t have a button or anything I found a piece of sticky back velcro I had on hand and tried to sew that in….BAD IDEA!  In case you didn’t know…trying to sew through sticky back velcro will not only ruin your needle but it will jam up all of your thread and it will take you a while to fix it!  So I pushed it through with a regular needle and thread (and then had to throw that needle away too!)  and it turned out fine. 

I added one of my Thirty-One clip on flowers and I think it turned out pretty awesome!! 

Close up of the cute flower!

If she doesn’t want the flower on there she can remove it since it is a pin on the back.

It holds diapers and wipes too, but I didn’t have my wipes case with me.  The next one I make though will be a little wider than they say…I plan on making an embellished wipe holder and it would be a pretty tight fit.

All in all I am very happy with it and S LOVED it!!  She uses it all the time and it looks so much classier when we have to change A at church than carrying a diaper out of the sanctuary or lugging her big bag.  And it fits into our purses too so that we can take it with us if we run to the store or something, just in case.

Thanks Little Birdies!!


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