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Coaster Fix

on March 15, 2011

Ok, so I told you that I was having issues with my white tiles that I was using to make coasters.  The ink was just slipping right off no matter how long I let them dry!  So I tried sanding the surface….that didn’t work.  It didn’t even put a scratch in it! I tried spraying it with the acrylic spray first then doing it and surprisingly(duh!) making the surface even smoother and slippery(er) didn’t work either!  Imagine that!

What I finally ended up doing was painting a thing layer of modge podge on the top and letting that dry, then stamping it, letting it dry and then adding 3 or 4 layers of the clear acrylic paint.  It definitely took a lot longer, but I got to use my zebra print stamp so who cares!?  My sister and I working Sunday evening and got quite a few done!  I even used some paper napkins that were cowboy themed (we do live in cowboy country!) and some brightly colored striped ones with flowers.  I like how easy it is to get the napkin on the tile and blended in.  You also get more for your money…I bought a $3 50-pack of napkins and when I opened it up each napkin has the print on all four sides! Yay! Most of the other napkins I’ve used have it on just one! 

Another cool thing I came across and love is using tissue paper.  You just make your image in Microsoft Word (copy and pasting into the right size boxes if you are like me).  Then I took a piece of regular printer paper and wrapped a piece of white tissue around it and taped it in place on the back then ran it right through the printer!  It worked like a charm!  Then I just cut it out and modge podged it on…I did my last name first and I am just pretty much in love with them!  The possibilities are absolutely endless.  I am going to google some team names (go OSU cowboys!) and put on some coasters.   It’s probably illegal, but who cares, right!?  I am sooo excited for my booth!  Hopefully I can keep up at this excitement level all the way through and not fizzle out lol.  That would be reallllllly bad if I ended up with 15 sets of coasters.  Just sayin’ lol. 

I did want to mention that I read on someone’s blog that they just printed an image out on regular white paper and modge podged it on and ‘you couldn’t tell it was even on there!’  so I tried that first….either I had a different ‘white’ tile (even though she said she was using the same brand as I was but who knows!) or a different colored ‘white’ paper…but it was totally obvious on my tile.  So since I cut around my name before I did it, which left a very obvious border around my name, I think I will paint the rest of the tile and maybe put a ribbon or something on it and decorate with it.  I could just throw it away, it cost less than 30 cents, but hello!  can’t do that!  I can’t throw stuff AWAY!

So I am hoping to get some pictures taken soon but just never seem to think of it while I am at home.  Anywhoo….later taters!


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