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on March 10, 2011

So I have been thinking about fencing alot these last few months…vinyl, wood, metal….which one is more durable, cheaper, nicer, reading reviews and just researching all that I could about it.  Why you ask?

You see, when C and I bought our house in Nov ’09, we knew that we would have to replace the old wooden fence that surrounded the backyard of the property.  It was rotted out in places, leaning, and part of one whole side had completely fallen over!  But since C was leaving for deployment and I was just moving in, looking for a job, etc, it got put on the back burner.  We figured that when C got home from deployment we would do something about it then.  He wanted to do the work himself and it would give me enough time to get the money saved up to buy the supplies (fence is EXPENSIVE! omg.). 

Well our dogs decided that they loved the little holes and would squeeze through them and run away.  So I went to our local hardware store and got some scraps of plywood (for free! gotta love the store owners you have known your whole life)  and I nailed/drilled them onto the fence. It wasn’t pretty at all, but hey, it would work until C got home.  Then the dogs busted right through the double gate we have on the side of the house and so I used plywood and bungee cords to get that put together again…yeah cuz it didn’t look bad enough!

Then about a month before he got home, I had the money all saved and ready to go buy the panels and supplies the day he got home (if he wanted to of course) and the transmission went out on my car!  It turned out that that was the exact amount that it would take to get it fixed, so there went all those months of savings (but I am very glad that I had saved because we would have been in TROUBLE!)

So, I started saving again and then something else would happen and again and again.  So now here we are 6 months after the fence was supposed to be put up and we are about to get our tax return back (yay!) and would like to use that money to put up a new fence.  But when C lost his job a month or so ago, his grandparents loaned us some money so that we could pay our bills and we are so very thankful for that.  So about half of our return will go to them and most of the other half is already spoken for, which means no fence….again.  It just keeps slipping through my fingers over and over.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that fencing is not the most important thing in the world, but our property value when down after the appraisers came and looked at our house and I am totally convinced that had  ALOT to do with it!  Plus, I’d like to let the dogs out the back door without worrying if they will be there in 2 minutes when I go to let them back in.

  So I will just keep looking at fence and dreaming about how it would look if it was up and around our house I guess!  Maybe I will just start a quarter jar and that will be my ‘fence fund’ ;-). Hey a girl can dream…..


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