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Trouble with Tiles

on March 8, 2011

So I have been working on trying to get stuff made and gathered up for the booth in May and decided that I was going to make more of the tile coasters so that I could sell them in sets of 4.   I picked some up at Lowe’s, some white and some tan, and started stamping.  The next day I noticed that some of the colors were bleeding on the white ones and so it looked blurry and smudged.  So I scrubbed the ink off and tried again, thinking that I had just gotten too much ink on the stamp and that’s why it bled. Well I redid them last night and made sure that I didn’t have a lot of ink on the stamp and let them sit overnight.  Well this morning they had bled again!  Since it is just on the white tiles I think it has to do with the finish they have on them…they are smoother than the tan ones.  I don’t really understand that either, since they are the same tile, just different colors, but ok!

So tonight when I get home I think I will scrub them off again and take some sandpaper and try to sand the tops so that maybe the ink will stay better.  I guess if that doesn’t work I will just have to use the white tiles to modge podge images on them instead of the stamps.  Oh well!  Now I know to look verrrrrry carefully at the tiles before I buy them!    I’ll let you know how it goes.


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