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Decisions decisions

on March 4, 2011

So I have been thinking about something for a while now and have finally reached a decision.  You see, my little town has this annual festival every Memorial Weekend with booths and a parade, etc.  It is actually what our town is known for, this festival, so it used to be a really big deal.  Unfortunately in the past few years, this festival has really gone downhill.  I mean, I remember when I was younger that the street would be absolutely filled with vendors selling fun stuff and food and anything you could think of and we would spend all day down at the festival and would just have an absolute blast.  Well, today’s kids aren’t as interested in that kind of stuff and community participation definitely decreased and it didn’t have as many vendors and there weren’t any concession stands or anything!  Basically they had the parade, you looked at the one or two booths then went home.  BORING! 

 Well last year I went with my sisters and my niece, A, who had just turned one.  They had a petting zoo!  And a game area!  And they had, like, ten booths!  Whoo!  It was exciting!  It really just made me feel really proud of my town for putting forth the effort for those things (I know that’s sad, but that’s how bad the community attitude had been).  It turned out to be a really fun day and I am really looking forward to this year’s festival. 

  I got to thinking about it, because the only way things will get better is if people contribute to the cause, by coming to the festival and parade and by some people doing booths.  So this year I am going to do a booth!  I talked to my mom and a couple of my sisters and some of the cute little tutorials I’ve been finding will be our products!  We aren’t going to spend a lot of money because we want to keep our costs really low so that we can sell the products for really cheap!  Since these things are all things that I had planned on doing someday anyway, I now have an excuse to do them all now!  I’m pretty excited to get started…I know that I will do the tile coasters and the bird seed treats and probably some of the little hats that I made, too.  I’ll keep you updated as I come up with more things and make them for May! 

  We are also going to make sure that the things that we make can be used or given as gifts in case they don’t sell, because who wants to have 10 sets of tile coasters laying around the house!?  Well, actually I wouldn’t really mind since they are so cute, but I KNOW that I could give them as gifts to some people or even try to sell them on facebook or just whatever.  So do you have any good ideas for things to sell at a craft booth?  I also think I will purchase the ‘booth’ next to me and connect them and set up my Thirty-one products that I sell now, too.  I can’t wait!!!


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