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Tile Coasters

on March 1, 2011

I am an avid blog reader.  I can spend 8 hours a day on the computer looking through other people’s blogs and not even realize it.  I especially love the ‘crafty’ blogs that I come across and I always think, ‘man I would LOVE to make that!!’ but most of the time there is really no reason for me to make it.  So I have been copying and pasting the URL into a word document just to keep on hand and refer back to as I need an idea or want to do something fun.  Well this past weekend I needed to come up with a gift for a friend, but am kinda short on money and was really short on creativity!  Enter my list of fun crafts.  I decided to make some coasters because they looked really easy and really nice and said they were pretty inexpensive. 

So I headed to Lowe’s and picked up some tile.  I found some really nice 4×4 tiles that were some kind of stone, marble looking thing.  You could buy one for 78 cents or you could get a 10 pack for only $2.40!!  Well heck yes!  So I got the ten and headed to Hobby Lobby and picked out a stamp (stamps are stinkin expensive!  I found mine on sale for only $5.99, but I will definitely have to watch for sales on these) and some ink and then some clear spray paint.  All in all the start up stuff was $2.40 for tiles, $5.99 for stamp, $4.99 for clear paint, $2.99 for ink, and 79 cents for a sheet of foam.  So for less than $18, I had more than enough stuff to make plenty of tiles…way more than my ten that I picked up.  On to how I made them…

  I made sure that my tile was clean and then took my stamp and rubbed it all over the ink pad, making sure it was completely covered.  Then I took my stamp and lined it up on my tile and applied firm pressure and then lifted verrry carefully so that it wouldn’t smudge the paint.  Let that dry for about 5 minutes.  Place on newspaper in a WELL ventilated area and spray your clear spray paint over it from about 12 inches away, making sure to give it an even coat.  Let that dry for about 10 minutes and then repeat for a second coat of paint. 

Once that has completely dried, cut out a piece of your foam ( I did a 3×3 square) and put some super glue on it, then place on the back of your tile and press firmly until it has attached.  Put something heavy on top of it to make sure it stays put.  When it has completely dried you are good to go!!  Here are some pics of the finished product.  They look really expensive and impressive if I do say so myself!  When the gift was opened at the party, nobody would believe me that I had made them!  I can’t wait to keep some of these on hand for quick and easy gifts in the future.

I 'double stamped' a few because I kinda like the fuzzy look

Package them in sets of four with ribbon and they will look gorgeous!


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